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This course introduces students to the Automated Medical Office, the means by which all patient demographics and financial information is entered and managed through final payment.


Introduction To Windows 2000 Professional

  • Basics of Windows 2000 Professional
  • Using the features of Windows 2000 Professional

Introduction To The Computerized Medical Office

  • Computerized Accounting Systems
  • Physician-Provider Set Up
  • Registration Process
  • Claim Information

Appointment Scheduling

  • Appointment Types
  • Scheduling and Rescheduling Appointments
  • Printing Schedules and Appointments

Basic Concepts Of Coding And Insurance

  • Overview of Health Insurance
  • Coding Overview
  • Entering Transaction Codes

Medical Office Accounting Procedures

  • Basic Accounting Principles
  • Lytec Medical 2001 Accounting System
  • Entering Patient Payments and Charges
  • Printing Insurance Claims

Reports In The Medical Office

  • Custom Reports
  • Day Sheets
  • Patient Reports

Advanced Features Of Lytec Medical 2001

  • Entry-Based Patient Notes
  • Backing Up and Rebuilding Lytec Medical 2001 Data Files
  • Archiving, Unarchiving, and Deleting Inactive Patients

Emerging Technologies

  • Computerized Medical Records
  • The Internet and E-Health
  • Telemedicine
  • Voice-Activated Dictation

Virtual Automated Medical Office Online Live training option
Imagine an industry-leading classroom training experience from wherever you have access to the Internet. The Virtual Online Live events listed here gives you an effective and proven online virtual learning experience with the freedom to attend virtually from anywhere.

There is also an option of experiencing Online Live from one of the many national partner centers where a computer and headset will be provided for you.

This rich and engaging virtual classroom environment lets you conveniently interact with instructors and other students. You will hear and see your instructor as they teach the course and answer your questions via voice or text. Choose the online live virtual training option and you can access the recorded version even after the class has finished.

The onDemand labs give you access to the same client and server technologies covered in class so you can test, apply and hone your skills by accessing the labs before and even after the class.

Technical Requirements: a computer or laptop with a modern browser and high speed internet access along with one or two monitors.

Find a class and register in three easy steps:
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TN Nashville4/23/2018 8:00:00 AM<span class="course-type type-c" style="cursor:default;word-wrap:normal;display:inline-block;" onmouseover="showHoverInfo(this, 'ProductTypeDescription' ,'ILT')" onmouseout="clearHoverInfo()">C</span>10 days1299.002888436
Virtual Live4/23/2018 8:00:00 AM<span class="course-type type-v" style="cursor:default;word-wrap:normal;display:inline-block;" onmouseover="showHoverInfo(this, 'ProductTypeDescription' ,'VILT')" onmouseout="clearHoverInfo()">V</span>10 days1300.002891734
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