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Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:
Chapter 1
◦List the basic elements of fraud and explain how the various types of fraud are carried out.
◦Cite examples of fraudulent practices.
Chapter 2
◦Identify the various types of fraud perpetrators, describe their characteristics, and explain their reasons for committing fraud
◦Assess fraud risk and the benefits of fraud prevention techniques
Chapter 3
◦Identify the pressures and rationalizations that can lead to fraud.
◦Design programs to relieve workplace pressures and help prevent the occurrence of fraud.
Chapter 4
◦Discuss the opportunities that lead to the occurrence of fraud and the fraud prevention techniques specific to each of those kinds of opportunities.
Chapter 5
◦Identify company vulnerabilities and the various symptoms indicating the presence of fraud in order to detect fraud when it occurs or prevent the occurrence of fraud.
Chapter 6
◦Explain the key elements of a fraud investigation and audit.
◦List the types of evidence gathered and illustrate them through some real-world fraud cases.
Chapter 7
◦Describe the requirements of Statement on Auditing Standards No. 99 and identify situations where these requirements would apply in the field.

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