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This practice lab is the second of two courses providing practice in creating ASP.NET 4 applications. This course provides practice in using AJAX to develop ASP.NET applications and creating ASP.NET MVC applications with Visual Studio 2010 and Visual C# 2010. It also provides practice in configuring, deploying, monitoring and optimizing ASP.NET 4 applications. Individuals can also use this course to practice objectives defined for Exam 70-515 TS: Web Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4.

Learning Objectives
  • Topic T127 Objective O15 - dynamically create a client script
  • Topic T127 Objective O39 - retrieve a DOM element by its ID
  • Topic T127 Objective O40 - handle events using jQuery in an ASP.NET application
  • Topic T149 Objective O34 - build an AJAX enabled website
  • Topic T149 Objective O36 - add the ScriptManager control
  • Topic T149 Objective O37 - add the UpdatePanel AJAX control
  • Topic T149 Objective O38 - use the jQuery Library to call an ASP.NET Ajax method
  • Topic T165 Objective O10 - create a basic MVC application
  • Topic T165 Objective O26 - use the debugger in an MVC application
  • Topic T172 Objective O20 - create a custom route in an ASP.NET MVC application
  • Topic T172 Objective O36 - create view pages for an ASP.NET MVC application
  • Topic T5 Objective O9 - configure session state to use InProc
  • Topic T5 Objective O33 - configure session state to use StateServer
  • Topic T5 Objective O32 - configure session state to use SQLServer
  • Topic T21 Objective O19 - precompile a web application
  • Topic T21 Objective O39 - publish a web site
  • Topic T28 Objective O34 - perform remote debugging
  • Topic T39 Objective O12 - set breakpoints
  • Topic T39 Objective O39 - run the debugger
  • Topic T46 Objective O445 - add a performance counter to an application
  • Topic T46 Objective O28 - implement ASP.NET health monitoring in a web application
  • Topic T46 Objective O44 - enable and disable tracing for an application and a page
  • Topic T46 Objective O45 - add custom trace output to a web site
  • Topic T61 Objective O9 - create a content page that uses a master page
  • Topic T61 Objective O31 - apply a theme to a site and an individual page
  • Topic T61 Objective O32 - use a skin on a control
  • Topic T76 Objective O19 - create a Web Parts page
  • Topic T76 Objective O39 - create a custom user control that allows for personalization
  • Topic T76 Objective O40 - enable users to personalize Web Parts controls
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