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LINQ is a set of features added to C# and VB to enable querying of collections, databases, and XML documents. LINQ provides a powerful and simple set of tools for incorporating databases into your .NET applications. This course covers creating a simple query in LINQ, creating relationships with a query, updating database rows and tables with a query, and finally some advanced query techniques.

Learning Objectives
  • Start the course
  • Use LINQ in Microsoft .NET applications
  • Use LINQ to query a simple list of objects in the .NET framework
  • Use LINQ to create result objects from a query
  • Join sets of objects with LINQ
  • Access related tables in a database by using the relations defined in the data model
  • Iterate over related tables in a SQL query
  • Use multiple from clauses and the orderby clause and return unnamed result properties
  • Use the where clause to create logical relationships between tables
  • Make a change in the database that is persisted to SQL
  • Create an object in an entity data model and persist that change to the SQL database
  • Check if an object exists in an entity data model, remove existing relationships to other data objects, and then remove it from the data model and the SQL database
  • Control when a query is executed in LINQ
  • Restrict some LINQ queries with the where clause and compose complex where parameters
  • Convert a complex LINQ query to the Method Syntax
  • Avoid or handle query conflicts in LINQ
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