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Safeguarding employees' safety, health, workplace security, and privacy is essential for an organization's continuation and success, and is of particular concern to HR professionals. This course explains various aspects of employee safety issues, programs, health hazards, and employee assistance and wellness programs that HR professionals should be aware of. It also outlines how security risk analysis and programs can be used to avoid future emergencies. Finally, this course examines workplace privacy issues, privacy policy, and concerns of employees and employers with regard to privacy. This course helps prepare individuals for the Human Resource Certification Institute's (HRCI) PHR and SPHR certification examinations.

Learning Objectives
  • Sequence the steps for conducting a workplace risk assessment
  • Differentiate between the strategic roles of management, HR, and safety committees
  • Sequence the steps in the accident investigation procedure
  • Identify and describe workplace illnesses and disorders
  • Distinguish between infectious diseases
  • Distinguish between the three types of health hazards
  • Recognize when drug testing can be performed
  • Identify the measures that can be implemented to protect an organization's assets
  • Identify the steps in the risk analysis process
  • Identify the elements of an emergency response plan
  • Identify workplace security threats
  • Identify employer monitoring and search practices
  • Identify workplace privacy concerns
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Risk Management: Workplace Safety, Security, and Privacy (Retired) Online course
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