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It is important to know that the security policy that is developed in your organization influences all of the steps that are taken to secure network resources. The development of a comprehensive security policy is covered in this course. In order to create an effective security policy, it is also necessary to perform a risk analysis in order to maximize the effectiveness of the policy. Also, it is essential to frame security policies within the context of a life-cycle approach. This course describes the different phases of the process, their dependencies, and the importance of a sound security policy. In the past, threats from internal and external sources moved slowly, and it was easy to defend against them. Now Internet worms can spread across the world in a matter of minutes. Market trends such as mobility, consumerization, or the use of personal consumer electronic devices in the workplace, as well as the overall changes in the workplace experience, augment these threats and influence the need for a different approach to security. Modern security architectures must provide the required level of protection while maintaining the functionality of the applications and allowing access at any time, from any place, using any device. This course outlines the architecture, components, and underlying technologies, as well as identifying Cisco products and solutions within the architecture.

Learning Objectives
  • Match compliance regulations with descriptions
  • Identify elements of an effective computer security awareness and training program
  • Match actions in the secure network life cycle process with the phases where they occur
  • Match assessment activities with descriptions
  • Match actions during the incident response process with the phases of the process where they occur
  • Match the key components of a business continuity plan to their descriptions
  • Identify characteristics of the Cisco Borderless Networks Architecture
  • Describe the Cisco SecureX architecture
  • Match Cisco security products with descriptions
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