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This comprehensive certification course teaches you how to structure and organize information security within your organization.  Overall, you’ll learn the organizational and managerial principles required to define, implement, maintain, comply with and evaluate a logical set of proven measures to safeguard your information’s availability, integrity, and confidentiality.

One big reason to look beyond the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) in today’s business climate is the growing recognition of the business exposure and risk related to information security.  That’s because globalization is leading to a steady exchange of information between an organization’s employees, customers and suppliers. 

In turn, this leads to growing use of networks, connections of networks and the internet.  These activities rely heavily on IT, making information one of an organization’s most valuable assets.  Protection of this information is critical to the continuity and efficiency of both IT and the organization.  That’s why there is an international standard for information security – The Code of Practice for Information Security ISO/IEC 27002:2005. 

The ISO/IEC 27000 series of standards provides best practice guidelines for information security management, risks, and controls within the context of an overall Information Security Management System.  These best practices are not covered within ITIL.


  • Information and security concepts
  • The value of information
  • The importance of reliability
  • The difference between threats and risks
  • The relationship between threats and reliability
  • Security Measures:  Physical, technical and organizational
  • The importance and impact of legislative and regulatory mandates and compliance

The ability to recognize, describe and apply:

  • The data, information, knowledge, wisdom continuum
  • The layers of the basic infrastructure and corresponding threats
  • The value of data and information
  • The impact of Information Security on an organization’s overall strategy
  • The aspects of information reliability
  • The types of threats to information security and the effects these threats have on information and its storage, processing, and distribution
  • The objectives and content of security policy
  • The critical components of a security organization
  • The importance of Incident Management and escalation
  • Security measures and their structure
  • Technical security measures – including those used against malicious software
  • Cryptography, digital signatures and authentication and encryption certificates
  • The establishment and testing of business continuity plans
  • The dangers and risks of insufficient organizational security
  • Legislative and regulatory requirements and the measures required to satisfy them

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  • Comprehensive – accredited courseware covers all key areas, preparing you for the official online exam
  • Schedule the exam at your convenience
  • Secure – unique sign-on assures that only you can track your course progress and sample exam results  
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Pink Elephant is globally accredited to provide ISO education for the certification program. The organization is accredited by the Examination Institute for Information Science (EXIN).  

You can expect to learn from the industry’s most knowledgeable experts on how to lead a successful ITIL implementation project. This knowledge is a direct result of Pink Elephant’s vendor neutrality – as well as many years of experience implementing ITIL processes in a variety of organizations worldwide. 

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