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In Java, you use variables for storing and retrieving data for your program. Arithmetic operators let you specify how the numerical values within variables should be evaluated or combined. This course covers the uses of variables and defining the syntax for a variable. It introduces Java programming language primitive data types, and declaring, initializing, and using variables and constants, as well as modifying variable values by using operators. it also demonstrates using promotion and type casting. In addition, this course explores declaring, instantiating, and initializing objects, working with object references, and using the String class, StringBuilder class, and the Java API documentation.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the uses and the syntax of variables
  • Declare variables
  • Describe how to modify variables using operators
  • Recognize how to use promotion and type casting
  • Use variables in a field definition
  • Use operators and prevent data loss using type casting
  • Recognize how to declare, instantiate, and initialize objects
  • To use the String and StringBuilder classes
  • Look up classes and methods in the API documentation
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Java SE7 Fundamentals: Variables, Operators, and Objects Online course
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