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Java uses conditional and relational operators to evaluate a condition and, depending on the result, executes different blocks or branches of code. Java also offers the array data type, which is a container object that holds a group of values of a single type. In Java, loops are frequently used in programs to repeat blocks of statements until an expression is false. This course covers creating relational and conditional operators, creating if and if/else constructs, chaining an if/else statement, and using a switch statement. In addition, this course provides an overview of arrays, and describes declaring, instantiating, and initializing arrays. It covers accessing command-line arguments, as well as working with two-dimensional arrays and ArrayList. Creating a while loop, developing a for loop, nesting a for and while loop, using an array in a for loop, coding and nesting a do/while loop, and comparing loop constructs are also covered.

Learning Objectives
  • Use if and if/else constructs
  • Use a switch statement
  • Create a one-dimensional array
  • Work with two-dimensional arrays
  • Work with ArrayList
  • Develop while and for loops
  • Work with while loops
  • Use an array in a loop and code and test a do/while loop
  • Create and populate an array list
  • Manipulate an ArrayList
  • Use loops to process an ArrayList
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