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The release of Java SE 7 includes several I/O, network, and desktop enhancements. This course covers I/O enhancements, such as enhancements in file I/O APIs, the Path interface and the methods for manipulating a path, as well as the Files class and its methods for file operations. It also explores network enhancements, such as the new Asynchronous I/O API, working with AsychronousSocketChannel and completion handlers, AsychronousServerSocketChannel, AsynchronousFileChannel, and AsynchronousDatagramChannel. Desktop enhancements, such as the new features for Swing components and Java 2D, are also covered.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify enhancements in File I/O APIs
  • Work with the Path interface
  • Use the Files class to work with files or directories
  • Describe how to use the Files class to work with directories, links, and the File Tree
  • Describe how to work with the Asynchronous I/O API and completion handlers
  • Describe desktop enhancements in Java
  • Use the asynchronous file channel API
  • Use the JLayer and LayerUI classes
  • Use formatted text fields
  • Audience

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