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In this course the other main remote access solution technology In Windows Server 2012 R2 is reviewed; DirectAccess. Introduced with Server 2008 R2, the DirectAccess role service role has been augmented and improved, and includes a new fast deployment options allowing small organization to plan and deploy a remote client access solution, on minimal hardware, in a short amount of time. This course covers the new simple deployment method for DirectAccess, and the new remote access server role which supports both VPN and DirectAccess services on the same Server 2012 server. In addition, the lesson covers complex DirectAccess solution planning and deployment, and the planning and design of supporting services.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify key features of DirectAccess implementation options
  • Describe the principal DirectAccess deployment models in Server 2012 R2
  • Describe the DirectAccess components you need to develop a DirectAccess deployment solution
  • Match DirectAccess topologies with their correct descriptions
  • Describe DirectAccess support considerations
  • Describe DirectAccess deployment planning considerations
  • Describe the two migration techniques supported by Forefront UAG
  • Describe the deployment factors that must be considered when panning the use of NAP examination of DirectAccess client
  • Describe the benefits of remote access multisite deployment
  • Sequence the phases of multisite deployment
  • Recognize the benefits of planning and deploying a remote access server cluster
  • Plan a DirectAccess solution and deployment including supporting services
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