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PowerShell can be used for all day-to-day management tasks in SharePoint. This course covers backup and recovery of SharePoint, working with PowerShell command line, configuring sites and services, and site administration.

Learning Objectives
  • Start the course
  • Create and automate a SharePoint backup using Microsoft PowerShell and Task Scheduler
  • Restore all, or part of, the SharePoint farm using PowerShell
  • Use Microsoft PowerShell to configure SharePoint
  • Create and remove a web application for SharePoint using Microsoft PowerShell
  • Create and configure objects in Microsoft PowerShell and apply that to SharePoint
  • Pipe within PowerShell and take the results and move them over to another cmdlet
  • Find and control Microsoft SharePoint services using PowerShell
  • Work with server solutions in Microsoft SharePoint and PowerShell
  • Deploy, update, and remove Sandbox Solutions using Microsoft PowerShell
  • Work with single or multiple Features in Microsoft SharePoint and PowerShell
  • Create, work with, and remove a Configuration Database in Microsoft PowerShell and SharePoint
  • Create a new Content Database and remove an existing Content Database using Microsoft PowerShell
  • Retrieve information on a Content Database in Microsoft PowerShell and SharePoint
  • Import and export site collections in Microsoft PowerShell and SharePoint
  • Add, remove, and query Shell Administrators in PowerShell
  • Query, add, remove, and configure existing Managed Accounts using Microsoft PowerShell
  • Create and configure a Managed Path and query Host Header Information in Microsoft PowerShell and SharePoint
  • Query and configure Security Tokens in Microsoft PowerShell and SharePoint
  • Add SPUsers and configure their roles in a SharePoint collection's subsite or SPWeb using PowerShell cmdlets
  • Create, query, and configure a SharePoint SPWeb and its data using PowerShell cmdlets, parameters, and methods
  • Extract, configure, and manage SharePoint site collection data using SharePoint's Management Shell
  • Load SharePoint assemblies to make it possible to work with SharePoint directly from within PowerShell
  • Programmatically create a SharePoint 2013 content database capable of holding a site collection
  • Use PowerShell cmdlets to retrieve, query, and manage SharePoint timer jobs and log information
  • Use PowerShell cmdlets to remove, create, and configure SharePoint 2013's Usage and Data Collection application
  • Use PowerShell cmdlets to programmatically configure a SharePoint farm's outgoing e-mail settings
  • Use PowerShell cmdlets to create, configure, and remove Alternate Access Mapping within a SharePoint farm
  • Turn on, run, and turn off Developer Dashboard within Microsoft SharePoint
  • Configure your resource measures and output these measures to a text file using Microsoft PowerShell within SharePoint
  • Add and configure Farm Administrators within a SharePoint Farm, using Microsoft PowerShell
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