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Software testing with Visual Studio streamlines the development and testing process and supports the needs of software developers and testers. In this course, you'll explore creating test cases and test steps. You'll also learn how to parameterize in order to manage your test cases, shared steps, and requirements. This course is one of a series in the Skillsoft learning path that covers the objectives for the 70-497: Software Testing with Visual Studio certification exam.

Learning Objectives
  • Start the course
  • Design test cases that have clear and measurable steps
  • Select a test case title, area, iteration, state, priority, assign to, and automation status
  • Apply attachments and links to your test case
  • Apply a description and the history to your test case
  • Apply testing requirements
  • Recognize how a test case workflow works with associated automation
  • Use a grid view to bulk author test cases
  • Add and remove parameters and data to and from actions or expected results
  • Apply highlighted repeatable test actions using fast forward for manual testing
  • Apply clear, effective expected results of a test step action
  • Attach a document or screenshot to a test step
  • Recognize the need to parameterize in order to manage test case iterations
  • Recognize the actions involved in inserting a parameter variable
  • Recognize the actions involved in renaming parameters values
  • Identify the characteristics and need of shared steps
  • Recognize the actions involved to create shared steps
  • Design shared steps that can be reused effectively across different test cases
  • Recognize the actions involved in creating action recording for your shared steps
  • Define the steps involved in reviewing requirement
  • Define the steps involved in verifying requirements
  • Define the steps involved in verifying all accounted requirements
  • Understand the creation, configuration and management requirements of test cases
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