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Adobe Photoshop CS5 is one of the most popular digital imaging toolsets used by professional graphic designers, and photographers. This course explores the streamlined Photoshop CS5 interface, including Photoshop's integration with Adobe Bridge and the new Mini Bridge panel, and manipulation tools used to automatically straighten, crop, rotate, and resize images, including a feature that allows you to temporarily rotate the appearance of a photo as you are working on it. The course also explains the basics of retouching photos using red eye correction, and automatic color and tone adjustment features.
  • recognize how to customize the Photoshop interface
  • recognize how to use the Tools panel
  • recognize how to open an existing image in Photoshop CS5
  • create a new image in Photoshop
  • recognize how to navigate images in Photoshop CS5
  • recognize how to save images in Photoshop CS5
  • recognize how to print images from Photoshop CS5
  • use the Photoshop interface to open and save images
  • recognize how to use auto corrections in Photoshop CS5
  • recognize how to use red-eye correction
  • recognize how to rotate an image in Photoshop CS5
  • recognize how to use the crop function in Photoshop
  • recognize how to resize an image in Photoshop
  • recognize how to undo changes in Photoshop
  • make photo corrections in Photoshop CS5
Adobe Photoshop CS5 enables you to manipulate digital photos and projects in a variety of ways: from subtly correcting photo flaws to creating dynamic original artwork. This course explores the tools you need to select, correct, adjust, and even create images. Features such Content Aware filling and those used to adjust an image's overall color and tonality are also included, as are Photoshop's equivalent to natural media tools used for painting and drawing such as the new Mixer Brush. The course also delves into the exciting realm of Photoshop filters, the new Puppet Warp feature, layer styles, and blend modes.
  • recognize how to use the lasso tools to create a selection
  • modify a selection in Photoshop
  • recognize how to hide and lock layers in Photoshop
  • organize layers in Photoshop
  • add text to an image and format it
  • recognize how to create a mask from text
  • recognize how the Brush Tool works in Photoshop
  • use the Mixer Brush Tool in Photoshop
  • recognize how to use the basic shape tools
  • use the Pen Tool to create vector graphics
  • work with selections and layers in Photoshop
  • use Photoshop tools for creating artwork
  • recognize how to apply filters to an image in Photoshop CS5
  • recognize how to apply content-aware scaling in Photoshop CS5
  • use the Puppet Warp tool in Photoshop
  • recognize how to apply tonal adjustments in Photoshop CS5
  • recognize how to modify hue and saturation
  • recognize how to use the Dodge and Burn tools
  • recognize how to use the Clone Stamp Tool
  • recognize how to improve an image using the Healing Brush and the Spot Healing Brush
  • identify the different layer styles available in Photoshop CS5
  • recognize the features of the blend modes in Photoshop CS5
  • manipulate an image in Photoshop CS5
Adobe Reader X, or Reader for short, is a free downloadable tool required to read Portable Document Format (PDF) files that are typically created using Adobe Acrobat. Reader is compatible with multiple operating system environments as well as being available as a freeware plug-in, making it the primary tool used to view PDF files. This learning path explores the basic features of Reader including opening, viewing, and managing PDFs, filling in PDF forms, and searching PDF files.
  • recognize the uses of Adobe Reader X
  • use the functions and features of the Adobe Reader X work area
  • perform a basic search in Adobe Reader X
  • perform an advanced search in Adobe Reader X
  • use basic annotation tools in Adobe Reader X
  • fill in a form using Adobe Reader X
  • recognize how forms are used in Adobe Reader X
  • set preferences in Adobe Reader
  • set accessibility options in Adobe Reader X
  • open a document and set up the work area in Adobe Reader X
  • search a document
  • complete a form in Adobe Reader
Adobe AIR is an application deployment extension used to make applications traditionally destined for the web available as browserless applications. This course explores the basics of AIR deployment for Flash developers including topics on creating AIR files, creating AIR application and installer files, customizing AIR application publish settings within Flash CS5.5, and previewing and debugging AIR files. The course also covers using digital signatures to secure AIR applications, and customizing descriptor files.
  • create an AIR file
  • configure publishing settings for an AIR file
  • recognize how to create a digital signature for an AIR application
  • customize an AIR Application descriptor file
  • preview an AIR application
  • test an AIR application in a given scenario
  • create an AIR application file in a given scenario
  • configure settings and descriptor file for an AIR application in a given scenario
  • preview and test the application
Adobe InDesign is a popular design application used for page layout and desktop publishing. InDesign CS.55 includes a streamlined interface that matches the look and feel of Adobe's imaging programs including Photoshop and Illustrator. This course explores the fundamentals of Adobe InDesign CS5.5 including the interface, the major tools, methods of setting up InDesign projects, and adding and editing basic shapes and text.
  • use panels in InDesign CS5
  • customize a workspace configuration
  • layout a new document
  • recognize how guides and rulers are used in InDesign CS5
  • create shapes in InDesign CS5
  • modify shapes in InDesign
  • set up and save a document
  • create shapes
  • add text to documents in InDesign CS5
  • recognize the text format options in InDesign CS5
  • arrange objects in InDesign CS5
  • work with layers in InDesign CS5
  • recognize how to work with paths in InDesign CS5
  • print a document in InDesign CS5
  • export a document as a PDF
  • add and format text
  • add and rearrange layers
  • manipulate paths
  • print a document

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