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This is a bundled training package. It contains training for each of the bundled items below:

Course Price
Creating and Working with PDFs in Adobe Acrobat 8 $74.95
Editing and Reviewing in Adobe Acrobat 8 $74.95
Forms and Document Security in Adobe Acrobat 8 $74.95
Advanced Features of Adobe Acrobat 8 $74.95
Using Adobe Reader 8 $74.95

Bundle Price: $199.00
Total Savings: $175.75

Creating and Working with PDFs in Adobe Acrobat 8

Adobe Acrobat 8 enables you to create Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files – files that retain a standard appearance across various operating system platforms and browsers. This course explores the creation of PDFs, including creating them from multiple files and web pages. In addition, the course discusses methods of saving, printing, formatting, and organizing PDFs. Accessibility and help features of Adobe Acrobat 8 are also covered.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the features of Adobe Acrobat 8
  • Identify the options for creating a PDF and create a PDF document
  • Create a PDF from multiple source files
  • Create a PDF from a web page
  • Create a PDF using Distiller
  • Create PDFs using multiple methods
  • Recognize the options to export a PDF and save a PDF document in a given format
  • Print a PDF document
  • Format a PDF
  • Use the Organizer
  • format and print a PDF document
  • Use Adobe Acrobat 8 Help
  • Create an accessible PDF
  • Use Acrobat 8's Help system in a given scenario

Editing and Reviewing in Adobe Acrobat 8

Using Adobe Acrobat 8, you can perform comprehensive reviews of PDF documents. This application allows you to review and add your comments to a document using a wide variety of commenting and markup features, including notes, stamps, and text insertion tools. This course highlights the main concepts of participating in a review using Adobe Acrobat 8.

Learning Objectives
  • Add a comment in Acrobat 8
  • Mark up a PDF document
  • Participate in an Adobe Acrobat 8 e-mail review
  • Initiate an Adobe Acrobat 8 e-mail review
  • Use Review Tracker
  • Review a PDF and submit for review

Forms and Document Security in Adobe Acrobat 8

You can create and review many types of PDFs using Adobe Acrobat 8, but this application also enables you to safeguard your documents using any number of Acrobat's security features. This course explores the advantages of PDF security, and highlights several security measures you can employ, such as using digital IDs, security policies, password and encryption protection, and security envelopes. The course also introduces PDF forms, and sending form data.

Learning Objectives
  • Create a form and set form preferences using Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional
  • Create a form using a template and fill the form in
  • Create a form
  • Fill in and submit a form
  • Recognize the features of a security policy and secure a PDF document
  • Identify the features of Digital IDs and create a self-signed Digital ID
  • Secure a PDF document with a password
  • Add a digital signature to a PDF document

Advanced Features of Adobe Acrobat 8

You can use the professional features of Adobe Acrobat 8 to perform such tasks as batch processing, and indexing. Adobe Acrobat 8 also allows you to prepare a PDF for commercial printing using its Preflight feature and this course explores the advanced features of Adobe Acrobat 8, including working with multimedia, creating batch sequences, and preparing PDFs for indexing.

Learning Objectives
  • Create a multimedia presentation in Adobe Acrobat 8
  • Use batch processing
  • Automate the distilling process
  • Create an index for a collection
  • Use advanced features of Adobe Acrobat 8
  • Identify the features of the Preflight tool and use it to check a document
  • Use advanced printing controls
  • Edit images in Acrobat 8
  • Finalize a PDF document for commercial printing

Using Adobe Reader 8

Adobe Reader 8 is free software that allows you to view and work with Portable Document Format (PDF) files. This course explores the core features and functionality of Adobe Reader 8, including an overview of the work area, using forms, searching and reviewing PDF files, customizing the interface, and using the application's accessibility features. The advanced features of Adobe Reader 8 are also covered.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the key features of Adobe Acrobat Reader 8
  • Use the functions and features of the Adobe Reader 8 work area
  • Fill in PDF a form using Adobe Reader 8
  • Open a PDF file and navigate to a particular point
  • Fill in and print a PDF form
  • Perform a basic search
  • Use the advanced search facility in Acrobat Reader
  • Use the comment and markup tools
  • Use the other editing features of Adobe Reader
  • Participate in a PDF review
  • Track a PDF review
  • Recognize the options for digitally signing PDFs
  • View PDF documents in other applications
  • Set preferences
  • Configure accessibility in Adobe Reader
  • Recognize the multimedia features of Acrobat Reader
  • Search a PDF document
  • Review a PDF document
  • Customize a PDF document
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