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Microsoft Office 2010: Beginning Outlook Part 2

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The main functions of the Calendar in Outlook 2010 have remain largely unchanged from previous versions of Outlook. However, many tasks have been streamlined. It is now easier to create and view additional calendars in Outlook 2010 and viewing group calendars has been integrated into the Calendar view. This course demonstrates the available options when replying to meeting requests and managing meeting requests. It covers how to create and view additional calendars, view another person's calendar, and create a calendar group. Also covered are ways to customize the Outlook 2010 calendar.
  • respond to meeting requests
  • manage meeting responses
  • create additional calendars
  • view the calendars of other Outlook users
  • customize Calendar settings
  • customize the To-Do Bar
  • respond to a meeting request
  • manage meeting responses
  • create an additional and a group calendar
  • set up free/busy information
With Outlook 2010 it is now easier than ever to keep track of your friends and colleagues as well as communicate with them using a variety of methods. With the rise in popularity of social networking sites, Outlook 2010 now includes the ability to track updates of your friends from within Outlook. This course discusses the Outlook Social Connector and how to configure Outlook to connect to social networking sites. How to configure and use both instant and text messaging from within Outlook is also discussed.
  • recognize the features of the Outlook Social Connector
  • work with the Outlook Social Connector
  • add a public IM contact to your Communicator Contact List
  • use Communicator
  • use text messaging in Outlook
  • use the Outlook Social Connector
  • use instant messaging in Outlook
  • use text messaging in Outlook
By taking the time to create contacts in Outlook 2010, you can save yourself from having to type out full e-mail addresses every time you send a message, assign a task or send out meeting requests. You can further arrange contacts by creating contact groups that allow you to e-mail multiple contacts at once by only typing the group name. This course covers the multiple ways that contacts can be created, as well as how to modify existing contacts, and import and export contacts between Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Google Gmail.
  • create contacts
  • create contact groups
  • modify your contacts
  • import your contacts from Google Gmail to Outlook
  • export your contacts from Outlook to Google Gmail
  • create contacts
  • modify your contacts
  • export your contacts from Outlook to Google Gmail
To assist you with the various tasks and information that you need to process on a daily basis, Microsoft Outlook 2010 provides the Tasks, Notes, and Journal features to help keep you organized. You can create tasks for yourself or assign tasks to other users. You can create notes for yourself as small reminders, and manage your activities and information using the Journal. This course discusses how the Tasks, Notes, and Journal features can help you to manage your time and stay organized, and it demonstrates how to use them.
  • create tasks
  • assign a task to someone
  • respond to a task assignment
  • create notes
  • use the Journal
  • create and manage tasks
  • create a note
  • create a journal entry

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