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Microsoft Office 2010: Beginning Visio and OneNote

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Microsoft Visio 2010 is a powerful diagramming program that provides users with a diverse set of pre-drawn stencils, shapes, sample drawings and templates for illustrating complex ideas visually. In this course the various features of the Visio interface will be explored. You will also be shown how to access and use templates, shapes and stencils for creating contemporary looking diagrams. Once the diagrams have been created, this course will also demonstrate how to manipulate, align and connect shapes to achieve professional looking results.
  • create a diagram using a template
  • recognize how to add a shape to a diagram
  • add text to a diagram
  • recognize how to modify shapes in a diagram
  • open a Visio stencil
  • create a custom stencil and give it a name
  • recognize how to connect shapes together in Visio 2010
  • automatically align and space shapes
  • construct and edit an organizational diagram in Visio 2010
Visio 2010 provides a wide range of formatting and design options for creating vibrant diagrams using pre-drawn shapes and themes. Whether it’s an organizational chart, a floor plan or a network diagram Visio 2010 comes equipped with such tools. This course explores these features and demonstrates how to add apply and manipulate text, work with themes and backgrounds and how to design and format decorative elements of a diagram page.
  • add data fields to a shape
  • format a diagram
  • use the Organization Chart Wizard to create an organization chart based on an Excel spreadsheet
  • recognize how to modify an existing organizational chart
  • sequence the steps to create an office layout
  • specify how to modify an office space to accommodate extra employees
  • sequence the steps to create a simple network diagram using Visio 2010
  • customize the appearance of a diagram
  • use Visio 2010 to plan for new hires at a company
Visio 2010 is a powerful collaboration tool that allows the user to review and share Visio diagrams, link content from other Microsoft applications, and save and send directly from inside Visio 2010. This course will show how to review, markup and make comments on a diagram. Also covered are how to embed shapes and graphics from Microsoft applications and finally how to preview, print and save Visio in different file formats.
  • search for clip art to add to a Visio diagram
  • sequence the steps to share a custom stencil
  • add a hyperlink to an existing shape
  • activate and deactivate Track Markup
  • show and hide markup from specific reviewers
  • identify how to create Ink Shapes
  • save a diagram as an image
  • configure Visio to print a diagram
  • enhance Visio 2010 diagrams
  • configure a diagram for review
  • prepare a diagram for saving and printing
Microsoft OneNote 2010 is a digital notebook application that lets you manage information quickly and efficiently much like a paper notebook you would use to take meeting or class notes. This application lets you type, paste, print, add web clips, audio, video, add handwritten notes to a notebook and to send content from other applications. You have a number of options for expanding notebooks. You can move things around on every page and a notebook can store an infinite amount of data, dependent only on the limitations of the storage location. This course explores the basics of OneNote 2010 including an introduction to the interface, ways of formatting your notebook's text, methods of adding links, images, and tags to a note, and organizing content into sections and pages.
  • create a new notebook in OneNote 2010
  • recognize how to create content for a OneNote 2010 Notebook
  • recognize how to use formatting and editing features in OneNote 2010
  • organize information using OneNote 2010
  • add a Tag to a Note in OneNote 2010
  • search for data in OneNote 2010
  • use OneNote 2010 organization features
OneNote 2010 allows you to share your notes, by e-mail, SharePoint, SkyDrive, or by blogging them. You can collaborate on a shared notebook in a live session in which co-workers can edit and add to notes at the same time. This course explores OneNote's integration with other Office applications such as Outlook, Word and PowerPoint, and covers remote access, sharing, and privacy settings.
  • use OneNote 2010 and Outlook 2010 integration features
  • use OneNote 2010 Office Suite integration features
  • use OneNote 2010 Web-based Notebooks
  • identify the features available for working with notes in OneNote 2010 Mobile
  • share content in OneNote 2010
  • collaborate with others in OneNote 2010
  • use OneNote 2010 to integrate with other Applications
  • use OneNote 2010 to share information and collaborate with others

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