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This is a bundled training package. It contains training for each of the bundled items below:

Course Price
Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Getting Started $74.95
Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Applying Basic Data Formatting $74.95
Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Navigating the Interface and Viewing Workbooks $74.95
Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Moving Data and Modifying Worksheets $74.95

Bundle Price: $169.00
Total Savings: $130.80

Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Getting Started

Excel for Mac 2011 is the newest version of Microsoft's comprehensive spreadsheet tool for Macintosh systems that offers features supporting a wide range of data entry, formatting, organization, and analysis methods. The new ribbon menu arranges the many features of Excel into related tabs, making it easy to quickly access the ones you need. The Excel Workbook Gallery contains a variety of visually appealing templates that simplify file creation by speeding up the styling and formatting processes, and oftentimes adding useful features such as a Total row in a pre-built Invoice template. This course explores these topics and many other basics of Excel 2011, including opening the application, creating new spreadsheets, and entering data both manually and through Excel's automatic features.

Learning Objectives
  • Start Excel 2011 and open a workbook from the Excel Workbook Gallery
  • Recognize the functions of main Excel interface elements
  • Open a workbook from within the Excel application
  • Enter data in a worksheet
  • Open a workbook
  • Enter data into a workbook
  • Customize Excel interface elements

Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Applying Basic Data Formatting

Excel 2011 provides a number of tools and features that allow you to visually enhance the appearance of worksheets and workbooks. Data and cells can be manipulated and customized using various alignment and formatting features. This course explores the processing of formatting cells and text, using basic formatting options such as bold and underline, and tools such as the Format Painter. The course also shows you how to align text in a worksheet and how to set certain conditions, that when met, change the appearance of the data – for example you can format data to quickly see the top 10 values in a range. This course also explains the various options for number formatting in Excel for Mac 2011.

Learning Objectives
  • Apply basic text formatting
  • Apply and copy cell formatting
  • Align text within cells
  • Apply number formats
  • Apply basic conditional formatting
  • Format text and cells
  • Format cells that meet a specified condition
  • Apply number formats to worksheet data

Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Navigating the Interface and Viewing Workbooks

While it can often seem complicated and daunting, navigating the Excel 2011 interface isn't all that difficult. This course will show you how to move around the Excel interface using a variety of keys on your keyboard, and by using menu and ribbon commands. The course also covers the ways in which you can view and arrange workbooks and worksheets and explores how you can access Excel's Help features.

Learning Objectives
  • Navigate the Excel interface
  • Get Help on Excel tasks or commands
  • Change your view of a worksheet
  • Work with windows in Excel 2011
  • Work with panes in Excel
  • Navigate the Excel interface
  • Alter the worksheet view
  • Use windows and panes to view different parts of a worksheet

Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Moving Data and Modifying Worksheets

Excel for Mac 2011 enables you to produce intuitive and attractive workbooks, and lets you rearrange and move data within the workbooks and worksheets easily. This course explores methods of copying and moving data within a worksheet. It also demonstrates how to modify the layout of a worksheet by adding, removing, and resizing rows and columns. In addition, the course examines ways of inserting new worksheets, deleting worksheets, and rearranging worksheets within a workbook.

Learning Objectives
  • Copy and move data
  • Use paste options to preview and control how data displays
  • Insert and delete rows, columns and cells
  • Format rows and columns
  • Insert and delete worksheets
  • Copy or move worksheets
  • Copy and paste data
  • Insert and modify rows and columns
  • Copy and modify worksheets
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