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Essential Skills for Administrative Support Professionals

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When it comes to a typical day at the office for an administrative professional, each day's planned agenda can change on a whim. Whether it be unexpected meeting requests to juggle, a last-minute announcement the boss needs to communicate, or a sudden request from the boss that shifts priorities, the tasks performed in a typical day are varied and ever-changing. But regardless of how much the agenda changes from day to day, there are standard tasks that every administrative professional will perform regularly. This course describes common administrative support tasks. Specifically, it covers the stages of the records management life cycle and details the different types of classification systems used for sorting records. The course also discusses the key tasks involved in arranging business travel, including considerations for international travel. Finally, the course describes the steps for planning and scheduling meetings, as well as the key techniques for recording meetings.
  • use the alphabetic, numeric, and alphanumeric classification systems to sort given records
  • recognize how to plan a business trip
  • identify the main considerations for international travel
  • recognize how to plan and schedule meetings
  • identify steps to take when recording meetings
As a good administrative professional, you provide invaluable support to your boss and the business. This support is optimized when the working relationship between you and your boss is a true partnership. Within this partnership, your relationship must be managed and maintained according to the particular management style of your boss to ensure compatibility, dependability, and efficiency as you work toward common goals. Through partnership, you can maximize your relationship with your boss and realize benefits for yourself and your career. This course explores ways to build a partnership with your boss. Specifically, it covers ways of establishing and maintaining the elements of a true partnership, and shows how you can benefit personally from it. The course also covers approaches for dealing effectively with different management styles and techniques for successfully handling confrontations that may occur over the course of your partnership with your boss.
  • recognize the necessary elements for building and maintaining a positive partnership with your boss
  • recognize appropriate responses for dealing with a boss who is exhibiting a particular management style
  • use assertive techniques to successfully handle a confrontation with your boss
Regardless of the industry you work in, the organization you work for, or the boss you have, as an administrative support professional, almost all of the tasks you perform on a daily basis require, in some way, interaction with others. Effectively interacting with others results in trust, improved morale, and respect between you and your colleagues, which in turn results in your ability to get the feedback, information, and help you need to effectively perform in your role. This course addresses the skills administrative support professionals require to be able to interact effectively with others. Specifically, you will be introduced to the benefits of being a supportive colleague, including some best practices for doing so. You will also be introduced to techniques to use to ask for help from colleagues in a respectful and proactive way in order to accomplish your goals. Finally, the course covers some techniques to help you deal with criticism, including how to react to and act on it constructively.
  • recognize how to be a supportive colleague and member of your boss's team
  • recognize how to effectively ask for help from your coworkers
  • use constructive techniques to deal with criticism
As an administrative professional, there are many skills and competencies you must master, ranging from organizational skills to technical aptitude. In order to be truly successful, though, you must also master other essential skills like the ability to gain the trust, respect, and admiration of your boss and colleagues. You must also remain true to yourself and maintain your dignity, all while expressing yourself to others, making decisions at work, or navigating through office politics. This course introduces some best practices for making a good impression as an administrative professional. Specifically, you'll learn how to project a positive professional image by building credibility and maintaining authenticity. You'll also explore the importance of communicating honestly, respecting others, and having a positive outlook in order to create a positive work environment. Finally, you'll learn how to practice positive office politics to enable you to put your best foot forward as you make your mark in the organization.
  • recognize how to build credibility and maintain authenticity to project a positive, professional image
  • take actions to counteract a negative work environment
  • recognize examples of tactics that reflect the guidelines for practicing positive office politics
The role of the administrative support professional today reaches far beyond the dated cliche of the secretary answering phones and filing documents. Effective administrative support professionals require an extensive array of skills, including communication, organizational, managerial, problem-solving, and conflict-resolution skills. Without such skills, the administrative support professional risks both his or her success and the success of his or her boss. The simulation Essential Skills for Administrative Support Professionals is designed to provide participants with the opportunity to practice administrative support skills in a secure, virtual environment before facing the challenge of an actual, real-world scenario. Over the course of the simulation, participants will be tested on the objectives of working effectively to meet your boss's needs, executing common administrative support tasks, maintaining an effective relationship with your boss, and putting your best foot forward. The simulation Essential Skills for Administrative Support Professionals comprises three scenarios and is based on the SkillSoft Series "Administrative Professionals." Links are provided throughout the simulation to the following SkillSoft courses: ad_01_a01_bs_enus, ad_01_a02_bs_enus, ad_01_a03_bs_enus, ad_01_a04_bs_enus, and ad_01_a05_bs_enus.
  • Essential Skills for Administrative Support Professionals Simulation
    • working effectively to meet your boss's needs.
    • executing common administrative support tasks.
      • executing common administrative support tasks.
    • maintaining an effective relationship with your boss.
      • maintaining an effective relationship with your boss.
    • putting your best foot forward.
      • putting your best foot forward.

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