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This is a bundled training package. It contains training for each of the bundled items below:

Course Price
When Too Many Meetings Are Just Too Much $74.95
Making Meetings Work $74.95
Managing Meetings for Productivity and Effectiveness $74.95
Preparing for Effective Business Meetings $74.95
Managing Effective Business Meetings $74.95
Dealing with Common Meeting Problems $74.95

Bundle Price: $219.00
Total Savings: $230.70

When Too Many Meetings Are Just Too Much

While meetings are a necessary part of business, their frequency often becomes excessive. This Business Impact details the importance of ensuring that meetings are an effective use of the attendees' time.

Learning Objectives
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Making Meetings Work

Too often meetings are not a productive use of time. This Business Impact examines how to run meetings that are useful and efficient.

Learning Objectives
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Managing Meetings for Productivity and Effectiveness

Effective meetings require careful planning and management. This challenge focuses on scheduling and preparing productive meetings.

Learning Objectives
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Preparing for Effective Business Meetings

Whatever their format, efficient meetings are those that not only accomplish tasks but progress in a way that makes the best use of participants' time. Because meetings are one of the most expensive modes of communication in today's organizations, it's critical that you optimize the time you spend in them. Running an effective meeting starts with careful planning. This course will show you how to clarify a meeting's purpose and objectives, and how to determine whether a given meeting is truly necessary or whether a similar result could be achieved through a different type of communication. It will also equip you with the skills to choose the best participants, and create an agenda that will guide the group to achieve meeting goals as efficiently and productively as possible. Finally, it will describe how to prepare yourself, your venue, and your participants to ensure a successful meeting free of unnecessary distractions.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the value of planning meetings
  • Determine whether or not a meeting is necessary in a given scenario
  • Recognize who should participate in a meeting
  • Recognize how to use a process for creating an effective agenda
  • Recognize how to prepare yourself and others for a meeting

Managing Effective Business Meetings

Ineffective meetings can waste time, veer off course, and fail to meet objectives. But with the right techniques, you can lead productive meetings that achieve their goals and leave participants with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Whether regular, recurring, or set up to achieve a special task, all meetings follow a core process: from opening on a positive note, through accomplishing the agenda items, to closing the meeting and following up. This course will lead you through that process, presenting best practices that will help you realize success as you fulfill your responsibilities as a meeting leader. It will show you how to open the meeting with a positive tone and facilitate the work of the group using the right approach to decision making. It will explore how to encourage full participation while keeping your agenda moving and discussions on track with effective time-management techniques. Finally, this course will present tips for closing the meeting and ensuring continued progress by circulating minutes and following up on action items.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the goals served by examples of opening statements in a meeting
  • Recognize steps that are common to conducting both regular and task force meetings
  • Recognize how to facilitate decision-making to maximize participation and buy-in
  • Respond appropriately when discussion goes off track in a meeting
  • Recognize the responsibilities of the meeting leader with respect to closing and following up after the meeting

Dealing with Common Meeting Problems

Have you ever been in a meeting where conflict got in the way of achieving meeting goals? Where someone dominated the discussion and others didn't contribute at all? Where the discussion wandered and little was accomplished? The human factor can introduce problems in meetings, despite your best preparation and planning endeavors. But you can learn to improve the effectiveness of your meetings by evaluating them and addressing common problems that jeopardize their progress. This course shows you how to measure the effectiveness of your meetings, and how to intervene appropriately during meetings to get back on track when specific problems arise. It explores numerous cases involving lack of civility and decorum, poor productivity, and unbalanced participation, and equips you with strategies for handling these problems. Finally, this course surveys the unique challenges of the virtual meeting format, and provides guidelines for getting the most out of your virtual meetings in spite of these challenges.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify best practices for evaluating the effectiveness of your meetings
  • Recognize statements that represent best practices for intervening in a meeting
  • Match decorum problems to appropriate responses
  • Recognize the best approaches for dealing with a given productivity problem in a meeting
  • Recognize how to intervene appropriately to balance participation in a meeting
  • Determine appropriate interventions for addressing the problems in a meeting scenario
  • Recognize which common problems of virtual meetings are likely to be reduced by specific actions
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