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In today's business world, employees face significant performance pressures. This Business Impact focuses on the challenges business professionals face when balancing the demands of home and office in today's global economy.
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Advancements in communication technology have given us instant access to boundless information, but the gains in efficiency and productivity have come at a cost. This Business Impact explores the causes of information overload and explores some practical ways to cope with it.
Wasting time at work is a common problem. This Business Impact examines strategies employees can use to minimize their procrastination.
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Prioritizing is an essential skill for any manager. This challenge considers methods for selecting and setting goals.
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Do you have too much time on your hands? With all of the pressures of modern life, so few people today do. In order to preserve your time, you have to know how to manage it. And the first step in learning how to manage time well is to understand how you make use of it now. This will help you determine where can you be more efficient. This course focuses on ways to analyze your current use of time. It covers how to use a time log to document and then assess your time use. It also describes how your energy levels and personality affect how you manage time, and outlines ways to better manage time in accordance with your personality type and energy cycle. Materials designed to support blended learning activities aligned with this course are available from the Resources Page.
  • interpret the information in a given time log to determine the main time wasters
  • match tasks to the best time of day to schedule them to take advantage of natural energy cycles
  • recognize how different personality preferences affect your approach to time
Managing time effectively entails analyzing your goals, breaking those goals into tasks, and then prioritizing those tasks. This isn't always easy or clear cut, given the number of tasks you may need to complete. But if you set clear and measurable goals and then develop an effective to-do list, you'll find prioritizing your many tasks is easier. And, in the end, you'll manage your time better. This course focuses on ways to prioritize your workload. It discusses how to prepare a useful to-do list and prioritize the items on it. The course also outlines how to sequence and queue tasks to help improve your time management. Finally, it describes how to estimate time frames so you can schedule your tasks effectively and meet your deadlines. Materials designed to support blended learning activities aligned with this course are available from the Resources Page.
  • prioritize tasks from a given to-do list
  • identify which criteria have been applied in a given to-do list
  • recognize the type of things that should be considered when sequencing tasks
  • identify when to use different queuing methods
  • use the time frames equation to estimate the shortest possible completion time for a given task
Time is a precious, non-renewable resource – how effectively you use it will determine success in both your career and personal life. The greatest squanders of this valuable commodity are time stealers – that multitude of annoyances, trivial tasks, and administrative duties that can easily consume your days. Moreover, you may find that some of your own behaviors affect how well you manage time. For example, you may be a procrastinator, or you may find it difficult to say no to requests to take on more work. Such behaviors can reduce your efficiency, as well as create unnecessary stress for you. This course focuses on strategies for dealing with common time stealers – procrastinating and taking on too much work – as well as how to handle interruptions. It shows you how effective time management can help you concentrate on the work that is truly productive while dealing both professionally and speedily with your time stealers. Materials designed to support blended learning activities aligned with this course are available from the Resources Page.
  • identify strategies for dealing with procrastination
  • recognize how to say "no" when you don't have time to take on additional tasks
  • recognize how to handle phone call interruptions at work
  • identify appropriate ways to handle drop-in visitors
You have a limited number of hours in your working day, so how can you manage your time effectively? This Challenge Series exercise explores the symptoms of poor time management and looks at the techniques and tools that can be used to handle the problem. The learner plays the role of senior support engineer at a networking product company who needs to address some serious time-management issues.
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Too little time, too many tasks, and everything needs your immediate attention. Sound familiar? This Challenge Series exercise explores the tools and skills needed to manage your time and cope with conflicting priorities.
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Goals provide a roadmap for your performance and development, but setting goals requires you to consider more than your own objectives. You must keep your company's mission and vision in mind. This Challenge product explores setting appropriate goals. During this exercise, you will play the role of a research analyst for a consumer and market research firm.
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