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A great discovery meeting can help you gain valuable insight into your prospect's business and vision, and clarity about how your products and services can help them achieve their goals. The start of the discovery meeting sets the tone not only for the rest of your conversation, but for the remainder of the sales process - as well as for the continuing business relationship that grows out of that first session. This Challenge Series exercise asks you to initiate a discovery meeting effectively, and then to navigate the conversation, questions, and even surprises that follow. The learner takes the role of an account representative in an engineering company that designs and builds health care facilities.
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Nothing can halt forward momentum in the sales cycle like a stale presentation. One-size-fits-all slide shows; long, droning lectures; exhaustive rundowns of features and capabilities – all great ways to lose an interested customer. If you want to keep your audiences engaged and intrigued, get them involved in your presentation.
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Your sales proposal is your foot in the door. It has to be clear. It has to address the client's need. And it has to stand out. So how should you approach it? This Challenge Series product explores strategies for drafting an engaging and effective sales proposal. The learner will assume the role of a sales professional in the network security industry.
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'Ask before you tell' – that's the prime directive of the discovery meeting. During this meeting, you aim to find out key information about the customer, establish your credibility, and build momentum. This Business Impact Series product explores how to conduct a discovery meeting that sets you on course for a positive relationship with the customer.
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Successful sales professionals value knowledge and seek to use it in collaborative relationships with their customers. This Challenge Series exercise explores how to acquire customer information and knowledge and transform it into insights and solutions that are of genuine value to your customers. The learner plays the role of an account manager in a loyalty software company.
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