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This is a bundled training package. It contains training for each of the bundled items below:

Course Price
Connecting Customers and Solutions $74.95
Managing Implementation Problems $74.95
Turning Potential Customers into Allies $74.95
Preparing to Implement Solutions $74.95
Solution Selling: Mastering the Essentials $74.95
Solution Selling: Meeting an Active Need $74.95
Solution Selling: Creating New Opportunities $74.95

Bundle Price: $239.00
Total Savings: $285.65

Connecting Customers and Solutions

Preparing for your interactions with a strategic mindset is essential in connecting your customer to your solution. You must be able to communicate your vision using positioning, trust, and insight. This Business Impact explores some of the ways you can build your customer's interest by invoking a collaborative approach that helps the customer recognize how much value you can bring to their business goals and efforts. It follows a sales professional who sees the potential to extend her company's survey tool solution to meet new customer objectives.

Learning Objectives
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Managing Implementation Problems

Regardless of how good your solution seems when you close your deal, sometimes implementation issues can't be avoided. This Business Impact Series product follows a sales professional as she deals with software implementation challenges in a client's heating and cooling company.

Learning Objectives
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Turning Potential Customers into Allies

Sales professionals must be adept at generating interest and helping customers see potential. But whose responsibility is it to maintain interest? This Challenge Series exercise explores how sales professionals can enlist and equip their customers as allies in a collaborative approach to foster interest and ultimately implement solutions. The learner plays the role of a sales representative for a software company specializing in retail grocery systems.

Learning Objectives
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Preparing to Implement Solutions

When it's time to implement a solution you've sold, your customer will expect you to bring your ideas for action, communication, and contingency planning. By delivering a smooth implementation experience that goes according to plan, you'll continue to earn the trust and goodwill of your customer, and lay the groundwork for expanding the relationship in the future. In this Challenge Series exercise, you play the role of a senior sales professional preparing to guide an important new customer through the implementation of your product.

Learning Objectives
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Solution Selling: Mastering the Essentials

Today's sales professionals are trained to be effective purveyors of products and services. However, standalone sales often represent missed opportunities because customers rarely think beyond their immediate need. Solution selling is a consultative process where the sales professional becomes an invaluable resource to the customer. It's a method of addressing all the customer's needs – whether those needs are expressed or unexpressed – for today and into the future. In fact, solution selling is the development of a long-term relationship between the sales professional and the customer, and it represents an ongoing process built on communication, trust, understanding, and mutual respect. Sales professionals need to be nimble and solution-centric. This course introduces the fundamentals of solution selling, including an explanation of solution selling and why it's important, the core principles of solution selling, and how the process of solution selling works.

Learning Objectives
  • Determine when to use solution selling rather than transactional selling in a sales situation
  • Recognize the benefits of solution selling as a sales strategy
  • Recognize the principles of solution selling, given a scenario
  • Recognize characteristics of a problem-focused discussion
  • Determine which solution selling tactics to use with a given customer

Solution Selling: Meeting an Active Need

One of the most difficult aspects of solution selling is managing active sales opportunities. Even though a need has already been expressed, there's a significant amount of research and planning required in order to determine the most effective way to approach the opportunity. This course provides a framework for dealing with active sales opportunities. The framework focuses on first qualifying opportunities in order to determine whether they're actually worth pursuing, and then diagnosing the customer's problem to determine the best solution. The course provides instruction on selecting the best competitive strategy to take when the customer has been talking to other salespeople. You'll also learn and practice an effective technique for leading customers to accept your solutions to their problems.

Learning Objectives
  • Assess a given opportunity to determine whether the customer qualifies for solution selling
  • Choose the appropriate competitive strategy given a sales situation
  • Identify competitive sales strategies
  • Recognize examples of questions to ask when diagnosing a customer's problem
  • Present a solution to a given customer

Solution Selling: Creating New Opportunities

For most sales professionals, prospecting for new customers and making those initial sales calls is a big part of their job. But that doesn't mean it's easy. Conducting prospecting calls is one of the most difficult skills to learn. Potential customers aren't always aware of their needs and often don't appreciate a stranger pointing out their problems. It's the job of the sales professional to recognize potential pain, approach each customer in a tactful and appropriate manner, determine the right solution, and present it in an engaging way that helps the customer make an informed decision. This course explains how to approach sales opportunities when the customer's need is unexpressed or unclear, including how to research a customer's business, identify potential problems, and guide the customer through an exploration of the problem and solution. You'll learn skills needed to carry out planning and research, diagnosing a customer's need, and enticing customers to acknowledge and speak openly about their business problems. And you'll learn some basic calculations used to ensure your solutions are financially beneficial to both you and your customers.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize examples of appropriate research and planning activities
  • Evaluate a salesperson's initial message to a prospect
  • Use questioning to diagnose a given customer's needs
  • Calculate the value of the solution to determine its viability
  • Use an investment formula to determine the optimal solution
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