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Oracle Application Server 10g: Administration I - Part 2

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To demonstrate how to configure mod_plsql, CGI-script execution, and database providers in OracleAS
  • CGI and PL/SQL modules in Oracle HTTP Server - define the role of the key Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) modules used to deploy PL/SQL and CGI applications.
  • mod_plsql and database connectivity - configure how mod_plsql connects to a database server to fulfill HTTP requests.
  • PL/SQL invocation and caching in OracleAS - recognize the syntax for invoking a PL/SQL application and configure caching for mod_plsql.
  • Configuring mod_plsql in OracleAS - configure different elements of mod_plsql in a given scenario.
  • CGI in OracleAS - distinguish between the entries used in an httpd.conf file to enable the execution of different types of CGI scripts.
  • Database-provider registration with OracleAS Portal - register the database provider with OracleAS Portal.
  • Configuring Oracle for Fast CGI and database providers - perform some of the steps to configure Oracle for Fast CGI and the database provider in a given scenario.
To demonstrate how to manage and deploy applications in OracleAS
  • Basic OC4J management in OracleAS - perform the appropriate, basic OC4J management tasks in OracleAS.
  • OC4J server properties in OracleAS - configure OC4J server properties in OracleAS.
  • J2EE application management in OracleAS - perform the basic tasks for J2EE application management in OracleAS.
  • Managing an OC4J instance and application in OracleAS - manage an OC4J instance and J2EE application in OracleAS, in a given scenario.
  • Data source creation in OracleAS - create a data source in OracleAS.
  • Application deployment in OracleAS - deploy web-application modules and deploy complete J2EE applications in OracleAS.
  • Web provider registration in OracleAS - register web providers in OracleAS.
  • Deploying an application in OracleAS - perform the tasks to deploy an application in OracleAS.
To demonstrate how to configure Oracle Internet Directory (OID) components in OracleAS
  • Application administration with OID - recognize the administration options available with Oracle Internet Directory (OID).
  • User and group privileges in OID - assign user and group privileges in Oracle Internet Directory (OID).
  • Password management in OID - view and modify Oracle Internet Directory (OID) password-related information in OracleAS.
  • OID configuration in OracleAS Portal - configure Oracle Internet Directory (OID) settings in OracleAS Portal.
  • Administering OID components in OracleAS - perform a series of Oracle Internet Directory (OID) administration tasks, in a given scenario, in OracleAS.
To demonstrate how to manage users and groups with Delegated Administration Service (DAS) and administer the Single Sign-On feature of OracleAS
  • Introduction to OracleAS DAS - start, stop, and verify the operation of the Delegated Administrative Service (DAS) in OracleAS.
  • User and group management in OracleAS DAS - perform key user and group administration tasks in OracleAS Delegated Administration Service (DAS).
  • User-entry display in OracleAS DAS - configure how user entries display in OracleAS Delegated Administration Service (DAS).
  • Service, account, and realm management in OracleAS DAS - perform service, account, and identity management realm management tasks in OracleAS Delegated Administration Service (DAS).
  • Managing a user and user account in OracleAS DAS - perform the tasks to manage a user and user account in OracleAS Delegated Administration Service (DAS), in a given scenario.
  • Introduction to OracleAS SSO - sequence the steps in the OracleAS Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication process.
  • OracleAS SSO administration - perform some basic Single Sign-On (SSO) administration tasks in OracleAS.
  • Application administration with OracleAS SSO - perform the key administration tasks for partner and external applications in OracleAS Single Sign-On (SSO).
  • Administering the SSO server in OracleAS - perform the tasks to appropriately administer an SSO server, in a given scenario.
To demonstrate how to manage wallets and certificates and configure components for SSL in OracleAS
  • SSL in OracleAS - outline the interactions between client and server when using SSL in OracleAS.
  • Wallet management in OracleAS - perform key management tasks in Oracle Wallet Manager.
  • Certificate management in OracleAS - perform certificate-management tasks in OracleAS.
  • Managing a wallet and certificate in OracleAS - perform wallet and certificate management tasks in OracleAS, in a given scenario.
  • SSL with SSO, OID, and Web Cache in OracleAS - configure SSO, Oracle Internet Directory (OID), and OracleAS Web Cache for SSL.
  • OracleAS Portal and SSL - configure OracleAS Portal for SSL.
  • Configuring SSO, OID, and OracleAS Portal for SSL - perform some of the tasks to configure SSO, OID, and OracleAS Portal for SSL.
To demonstrate how to manage Oracle Certificate Authority (OCA)
  • Introduction to PKI in OracleAS - identify the tools that make up the OracleAS PKI solution.
  • OCA architecture - define the key elements of the Oracle Certificate Authority (OCA) architecture.
  • OCA administration access - perform the steps to set up administration access in OracleAS Certificate Authority (OCA).
  • Certificate management tasks in OCA - perform key certificate management tasks in Oracle Certificate Authority (OCA).
  • Performing OCA management tasks in OracleAS - manage the Oracle Certificate Authority (OCA) server and certificates in a given scenario.

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