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UNIX: System Administration - Part 1

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To demonstrate the core administrative functions of managing users, data, and software on UNIX systems
  • The UNIX systems administrator role - connect the role of the systems administrator with the responsibilities of superuser privileges.
  • Administering UNIX users and groups - determine the method for adding and configuring a user account.
  • Monitoring and controlling UNIX users - recognize the strategies used to track user activity and control access to resources in a given scenario.
  • Working with UNIX user accounts - create and configure a user account in a given scenario.
  • Administering UNIX filesystems - configure a filesystem.
  • UNIX data protection strategies - identify the best data protection strategy in a given scenario.
  • Implementing RAID for UNIX - choose the RAID system to implement in a given scenario.
  • Designing a RAID implementation for UNIX - design a RAID implementation for a given scenario.
To describe the maintenance and optimization of UNIX systems
  • Deploying and administering UNIX software - deploy and administer UNIX software in a given scenario.
  • Working with UNIX software packages - install and remove software packages.
  • Compiling UNIX software from source - compile software from source in a given scenario.
  • Installing the Apache web server on UNIX - install the Apache web server from source code to specification.
  • UNIX system startup - compare the different boot mechanisms for UNIX operating systems.
  • Managing UNIX initialization with init - modify startup scripts in a given scenario.
  • Managing UNIX system shutdowns - choose the appropriate procedure for shutting down the system in a given scenario.
  • Configuring UNIX run levels and shutdown - configure run levels and shutdown in a given scenario.
To describe how to implement and maintain UNIX networking
  • UNIX file attributes - describe how UNIX file attributes relate to file ownership and access rights.
  • UNIX filesystem security - recognize how to protect the security of entire UNIX filesystems.
  • UNIX system security measures - set security parameters in UNIX kernels and prevent cron and unwanted shutdown security issues.
  • Configuring UNIX for security - change file permissions and implement permission-based system security in UNIX.
  • Benchmarking UNIX operating systems - recognize how to benchmark operating systems, including UNIX, and evaluate the security of their configurations.
  • The UNIX password system - describe the UNIX password system.
  • Boot-level and root access control in UNIX - recognize how to restrict boot-level and root access to UNIX systems.
  • Kerberos authentication on UNIX - recognize how to integrate Kerberos authentication on UNIX systems.
  • Implementing access control in UNIX - design and implement access control policies.
  • UNIX Pluggable Authentication Modules - use Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) to control access to system resources in a given scenario.
To introduce UNIX software and system services management
  • Patch and software management in UNIX systems - recognize how to apply software updates and patches to UNIX systems.
  • Security issues and boot services in UNIX - describe security issues and boot services in UNIX.
  • UNIX security issues and nonessential services - describe how to limit services launched by inetd and xinetd.
  • Starting and disabling UNIX services - identify services to be started or disabled, and configure inetd and xinetd to add or remove such services.

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