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SECURE 1.0: Securing Networks with Cisco Routers and Switches Part 1

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The network infrastructure is one of the foundation elements of enterprise IT infrastructures and is a critical business asset of telecommunications service providers. A compromise of the network infrastructure or its individual components can have far-reaching consequences that can significantly increase risk to enterprise and service provider business processes. Cisco IOS Network Foundation Protection (NFP) provides a strategy for network infrastructure protection by using Cisco IOS Software security features. This course describes the threats against the network infrastructure, describes basic classes of security controls that can reduce the risk of these threats, and provides an overview of Cisco NFP and some of its features.
  • describe network infrastructure threats and the controls that can help mitigate them
  • identify the features of network functionality planes in a Cisco IOS Software device
  • differentiate between the network foundation protection deployment models for enterprises, small and medium-size businesses, and service providers
  • distinguish between the features available in Cisco device management tools
  • describe the features of the Cisco IOS Software Release 802.1X authenticator
  • identify the 802.1X features of Cisco Secure ACS
  • identify the 802.1X features of the Cisco Secure Services Client
  • differentiate between the variations of EAP
One of the tools Cisco provides that allows you to centrally manage access to network resources is Cisco Secure Access Control Server (ACS). This course describes how to implement basic identity management services within a Cisco wired LAN by using Cisco Secure ACS and a Cisco Catalyst switch. It also discusses how to troubleshoot basic 802.1X features in a Cisco IBNS environment.
  • recognize what information you need to find out when deploying 802.1X authentication in a Cisco IBNS environment
  • configure the Cisco Catalyst IOS Software 802.1X authenticator
  • perform optional Cisco Catalyst IOS Software 802.1X authenticator configurations
  • verify the Cisco Catalyst IOS Software 802.1X authenticator
  • sequence the steps to configure Cisco Secure ACS for EAP-FAST
  • sequence the tasks to configure the Cisco Secure Services Client 802.1X supplicant
  • recognize how to troubleshoot basic 802.1X features
Cisco IOS Software on Cisco Catalyst switches provides a host of data plane security controls that can mitigate the risks associated with Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Layer 2 attacks inside a VLAN. This course shows you how to configure, verify, and troubleshoot several of the Cisco Catalyst IOS Software advanced security features that you can use to reduce these risks in your switched network environment.
  • recognize the security countermeasures offered by switched infrastructure devices
  • configure Cisco Catalyst IOS Software PVLAN features
  • identify the features of PVLAN Edge
  • configure and verify Cisco Catalyst IOS Software DHCP control features
  • configure DHCP snooping
  • configure Cisco Catalyst IOS Software ARP control features
  • identify the guidelines for implementing ARP inspection in a switched infrastructure
  • configure IP source address control
  • describe the recommended flow for troubleshooting switched infrastructure security countermeasures
In an Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Layer 3 device, the data plane implements the packet forwarding functions and applies services to packets as they are forwarded through the device. The routed data plane can provide various OSI Layer 3 traffic filtering and traffic telemetry services to protect both the network infrastructure and the endpoints that are connected to the network. This course introduces some effective tools that you can use to provide such protection.
  • recognize how to plan the deployment of routed data plane security controls
  • differentiate between ingress and egress antispoofing ACLs
  • configure uRPF on a Cisco IOS Software router or OSI Layer 3 switch
  • configure Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding
  • configure Cisco IOS FPM
  • identify the keys that define a standard net flow
  • differentiate between Flexible NetFlow and traditional NetFlow
  • configure Cisco IOS Flexible NetFlow

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