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You Will Learn How To:

  • Help your Scrum Team internalize the rules of the Scrum Framework
  • Increase your ability to act as a servant leader for your team
  • Apply effective facilitation techniques as a ScrumMaster
  • Utilize different coaching styles and mentoring skills, and more ...

Workshop Activities Include:

  • Articulating the ScrumMaster role for different audiences
  • Leading a team to self-management through structured questions
  • Leveraging games to build collaborative behavior
  • Preparing a Sprint Retrospective, and more ...

About This Course:

Experience has shown that success of Scrum as an Agile framework hinges to a large degree on the ScrumMaster, but the role is poorly understood and difficult to apply successfully. In this course, attendees identify and practice the skills and behaviors needed to become a great ScrumMaster.

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Virtual Live4/3/2018 9:00:00 AM<span class="course-type type-v" style="cursor:default;word-wrap:normal;display:inline-block;" onmouseover="showHoverInfo(this, 'ProductTypeDescription' ,'VILT')" onmouseout="clearHoverInfo()">V</span>1 day690.002777518
NJ Princeton4/3/2018 9:00:00 AM<span class="course-type type-cv" style="cursor:default;word-wrap:normal;display:inline-block;" onmouseover="showHoverInfo(this, 'ProductTypeDescription' ,'HVILT')" onmouseout="clearHoverInfo()">Cv</span>1 day690.002810381
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