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Get Effective Solutions to Complex Issues That Arise in Everyday Practice

Take your skills to the next level in this advanced program. Our seasoned faculty will share their real-world experiences and knowledge so you can tackle complicated financial, discovery and parenting issues that arise in everyday divorce practice. Explore intriguing asset classification issues and learn how to navigate financially complex divorces that involve stock, trusts, small businesses and other problematic assets. Find out how to properly get your e-mails, social media, audio/video and other ESI into evidence. Anticipate the potential tax pitfalls and benefits of divorce so you can effectively advise your client. Don't miss this opportunity - register today!

  • Traverse the obstacle course of family court rules to get your electronic evidence authenticated and admitted.
  • Find out how to properly value and distribute stock.
  • Determine how to value and divide ERISA and non-ERISA retirement plans.
  • Explore the tax consequences of spousal support, property transfers/sales and stock division.
  • Pick up financial tracing strategies for unveiling undisclosed assets.
  • Navigate frustrating income/support issues: imputed income, when/how to get above guideline support and more.
  • Get insight on parental relocation, alienation, and custody evaluations.

  1. Marital vs. Nonmarital Property and Tracing
    9:00 - 9:50, Dennis J. McGlothin
    1. Prenups Drafted in a State with Different Division Laws
    2. Property That Vests After Filing but Before Decree
    3. Assets Owned or Co-Owned by Another Party
    4. Real Estate in Other States or Countries
    5. Tracing Non-Marital Assets Commingled with Marital Property
    6. Active vs. Passive Appreciation
    7. Tools and Tips for Tracing Undisclosed Assets
  2. Valuing and Dividing Complex Assets: Stock, Pensions/Retirements and More
    9:50 - 10:40, Dennis J. McGlothin
    1. Stock Options: How to Value, How to Distribute and When
    2. How to Value and Divide ERISA and Non-ERISA Retirement Plans
    3. Valuing Executive Compensation Plans
    4. Small Business Valuations and Division
    5. Valuations of Professional Practices (Medical, Dental or Legal)
    6. Trust Assets
    7. Dividing Digital Assets (iTunes Libraries, Kindle Store, PayPal Accounts, etc.)
    8. Hiring Financial Experts: Cost/Benefit Analysis
    9. Sample Documents and Checklists
  3. Tax Treatment and Consequences of Divorce: A Practical Refresher
    10:55 - 11:45, Todd R. DeVallance
    1. Filing Status of Divorcing Parties
    2. Tax Consequences When Property is Sold/Transferred Post-Divorce
    3. Tax Basis of Assets; Review of Capital Gains
    4. Tax Impact of Dividing IRAs, Keogh Plans, Retirement Accounts/Pension Plans
    5. Spousal Support Taxation: Recapture Rule and More
    6. Child Tax Benefits
  4. Complex Parenting Issues in Divorce
    11:45 - 12:35, Neal T. Feinerman
    1. UCCJEA and Parental Abduction Issues
    2. Parental Relocation
    3. Alienation and Abuse Allegations
    4. Psychological Testing in Custody Evaluations
    5. Challenging Experts
  5. Sticky Child Support and Spousal Maintenance Issues
    1:35 - 2:25, Neal T. Feinerman and Janice E. Reha, MA, LMHC
    1. Income Issues - Pre-Tax, Post-Tax, Lump Sum, Overtime, Bonuses, etc.
    2. Treatment of Income From Nonmarital Property
    3. Actual Earnings vs. Earning Capacity/ Imputed Income
    4. When and How to get Above-Guideline Support
    5. Utilizing Vocational Evaluations
    6. Double Dipping in Divorce
  6. Social Media and How to Get ESI Into Evidence
    2:25 - 3:15, Maya Trujillo Ringe
    1. Social Media's Impact on Family Law Litigation - Case Law Analysis
    2. How to Subpoena, Authenticate and Admit Specific ESI
      1. Social Media
      2. E-Mails
      3. Text Messages
      4. Electronic Recordings (Audio/Video) and More
  7. Legal Ethics in Family Law
    3:30 - 4:30, Maya Trujillo Ringe
    1. Ethics in Obtaining ESI
    2. Client Confidentiality and Social Media Postings
    3. Competent Representation: What Does it Really Mean?
    4. What Would You do? Hypothetical Ethical Dilemmas

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