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Strengthen Your Construction Contract Knowledge With This Essential Guide

While it's true that every construction project is different, effectively negotiated contracts are the one constant necessary to safeguard your clients' best interests. This information-packed seminar will get you up to speed on the key contractual elements you need to negotiate to avoid trouble down the road. You will not only get a better understanding of what the other side wants, but how to practically apply this information to get an upper hand over the other side of the table during negotiations. Craft construction contracts that serve as practical tools to protect your clients' best interests - register today!

  • Get up to speed on the latest construction law updates that directly affect your clients.
  • Evaluate different types of construction contracts and weigh the pros and cons of each for owners, contractors and subcontractors.
  • Negotiate rock-solid construction contracts that protect your clients if disputes arise down the road.
  • Ensure that construction contracts contain the necessary insurance provisions to protect your clients.
  • Analyze construction contract indemnity provisions and understand how they intertwine with insurance policy language.
  • Confidently handle threats of contract termination and take the proper steps to protect your clients.

  1. Indiana Construction Contract Law Update
    9:00 - 9:45, Patrick A. Drewry
    1. The Law of Contracts
    2. Recent Developments
    3. Relevant Case Law
  2. Types of Construction Contracts: Evaluating Their Risks and Rewards for Different Parties
    9:45 - 10:45, Patrick A. Drewry
    1. How AIA Documents Differ from ConsensusDocs
    2. What Documents to Include in Contracts
    3. How Contracts Differ for Different Project Delivery Methods
    4. Rules for Contract Interpretation: Intent and Context
    5. Budgets, Estimates and Cost Control
    6. Different Contract Types: Evaluating the Pros and Cons
      1. AIA Form Contracts
      2. Lump Sum or Fixed Price
      3. Cost Plus Contracts
      4. Time and Material Contracts
  3. Drafting and Negotiating Construction Contracts to Prevent Disputes and Provide Remedies: With Sample Forms
    11:00 - 12:00, David L. Simmons
    1. Negotiating Positions: Owners vs. Contractors vs. Subcontractors
    2. Scope
    3. Change
    4. Site Conditions
    5. Completion of the Work - Timeframe
    6. Payment
    7. Warranties
    8. Insurance and Bonds
    9. Dispute Resolution
    10. Industry Standard Amendments and Changes
  4. Indemnification Provisions: When are They Enforceable?
    1:00 - 2:15, David L. Simmons
    1. Types of Indemnity
    2. State Anti-Indemnity Statutes
    3. Ambiguity in Indemnity Clause Language
    4. Interplay with Other Contractual Provisions
    5. Insurance Policy Interplay: Is the Indemnity Provision Insurable?
    6. Evaluating Standard-Form Indemnity Clauses: AIA, ConsensusDocs, EJCDC
    7. Negotiating Indemnification Provisions: Best Practices
  5. Contract Termination
    2:30 - 3:30, Daniel M. Drewry
    1. Handling Threats of Contract Termination
    2. Termination for Default
    3. Termination for Convenience
    4. Wrongful Termination
    5. Steps to Proper Termination
    6. Available Remedies or Damages
  6. Ethical Considerations
    3:30 - 4:30, Daniel M. Drewry
    1. Conflicts of Interest
    2. Disclosure During Negotiations
    3. Communication of Risk Transfers
    4. Attorneys' Fees

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