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In this clinic with hands-on labs, you will develop the knowledge and skills to use the intermediate features and functionality of Microsoft Visio 2010.

  • Create custom stencils and templates and modify master shapes
  • Create custom layers, manage existing layers, and assign shapes to drawing layers
  • Create, assign, and edit background pages
  • Options for shape behaviors, applying shape protection, and using hyperlinks
  • Techniques involved in manipulating shapes with the shape operation commands
  • Enter custom shape data and define custom fields using different methods
  • Import and export Visio data to and from Excel
  • Create PivotDiagrams
  • Integrate Visio drawings into PowerPoint and apply document protection features


New Microsoft Visio 2010 users

1. Stencils and Templates

  • Working with Stencils
  • Managing Master Shapes
  • The Document Stencil
  • Working with Templates

2. Layers

  • Creating Layers
  • Assigning Shapes to Layers
  • Removing Layers
  • Renaming Layers

3. Background Pages

  • Creating Background Pages
  • Assigning Background Pages
  • Editing and Deleting Background Pages

4. Shape Behavior

  • Understanding Shape Behaviors
  • Working with Hyperlinks
  • Protecting Shapes

5. Shape Operations

  • Manipulating Shapes

6. Custom Fields

  • Viewing and Entering Custom Shape Data
  • Creating Custom Fields
  • Using the Document Stencil to Define Custom Fields
  • Using Master Shapes to Define Custom Fields
  • Editing Custom Fields in the ShapeSheet

7. Supplementary Topics

  • Generating Reports in Visio and Excel
  • Importing Data into Shapes
  • Creating PivotDiagrams
  • Integrating Visio with PowerPoint
  • Document Protection

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