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Adobe Illustrator CS6 video collection

13 videos    $99.00
Title Author Info
Adding Contour to Lines Erin Olsen 3 minutes
Applying Gradients to Strokes Erin Olsen 2 minutes
Converting New Color Models Erin Olsen 2 minutes
Creating a Custom Shape Using Simple Shapes Erin Olsen 6 minutes
Creating a New Blank Illustration Erin Olsen 3 minutes
Creating a Pattern Swatch Erin Olsen 5 minutes
Creating New Illustrations from a Template Erin Olsen 2 minutes
Organizing Objects with Layers Erin Olsen 6 minutes
Previewing Illustrations for Mobile Devices Erin Olsen 4 minutes
Printing Composite Proofs and Color Separations Erin Olsen 4 minutes
Recoloring Artwork Erin Olsen 4 minutes
Tracing Artwork Erin Olsen 3 minutes
Using the Symbol Sprayer Erin Olsen 4 minutes
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Adobe Illustrator CS6 video collection
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