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Many Android developers may be coming into Xamarin.Android with an existing Java background. This course provides resources and examples to help you transition from Android development in Java to C#. You will also learn about advanced programming topics such as debugging and garbage collection.

Learning Objectives
  • Start the course
  • Describe similarities and differences between Java and C#
  • Describe the differences in naming conventions for similar structures
  • Describe similarities and differences between Java and C# for object-oriented programming
  • Identify the features of C# Lambda expressions
  • Describe similarities and differences between Java and C# for events
  • Describe methods to make use of existing Java components
  • Invoke managed code from your Xamarin project
  • Create a binding project to wrap a Java library
  • Use Java code through the Java Native Interface
  • Describe how to port code from Java to C#
  • Describe the details of garbage collection in Xamarin
  • Write code with an eye to efficient garbage collection
  • Provide Android Debug Bridge or ADB support in your application
  • Debug Xamarin applications in Visual Studio
  • Utilize common troubleshooting techniques
  • Start the emulator from the command line
  • Describe various Xamarin system properties
  • Control the resulting size of your application package
  • Control the behavior of the Linker
  • Describe settings available in the AndroidManifest.xml file
  • Enable support for debugging your application with Android Debug Bridge or ADB
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