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The Android platform offers a host of useful user interface components that you can leverage to create your application and provide a meaningful interaction for your users. Layout elements control how your application is presented to the user, and Views provide elegant methods of displaying interactive data to your users. In this course, you will learn about the variety of UI elements available for use in the Xamarin.Android development environment. You will also learn to utilize and place UI components in the UI designer.

Learning Objectives
  • Start the course
  • Use the interface designer
  • Describe the Android 5.0 visual style
  • Add a Splash Screen to your application
  • Use the basic user interface elements
  • Design an interface using a grid layout
  • Design an interface with a linear layout
  • Design an interface with a relative layout
  • Design an interface with a table layout
  • Adjust the visibility of the navigation bar
  • Use the ActionBar to implement a tabbed interface
  • Make use of pop-up menus
  • Use ListViews to display lists of data
  • Display a video or an OpenGL content
  • Use a RecyclerView to display a collection of data
  • Implement a class to be used by RecyclerView
  • Create an adapter class for the RecyclerView
  • Use a CardView to display information
  • Connect a CardView to a data source
  • Display items from the data source in the CardView UI
  • Create an adapter for a GridView
  • Connect an adapter to a GridView
  • Display items in a scrollable gallery
  • Display web content in a WebView
  • Retrieve the list of calendars on the system
  • Read the events and data from a calendar
  • Add and update the calendar events
  • Select dates using the Date Picker
  • Specify times using the Time Picker
  • Present a list of selectable items using the Spinner
  • Toggle an item between states using a switch
  • Provide autocomplete functionality on a text input
  • Access device owner data in the User Profile
  • Lay out the basic Android UI elements
  • Audience

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