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The Java platform, Enterprise Edition, or Java EE is the enterprise edition of Java. It comprises a group of technologies that enable components for all tiers of an enterprise application to be developed. Java EE is itself a set of specifications. The Java EE 6 software development kit (SDK) is a reference implementation provided by Oracle that enables developers to build, test and deploy Java EE applications. This course provides an introduction to Java EE 6 including the functions of the Java Persistence API, Enterprise JavaBeans, client side components and the connectivity features in Java EE 6. Preparing the Java EE 6 environment and application components are also covered.

Learning Objectives
  • Describe the key features of Java EE 6
  • Match the client side Java application components to how they can be used
  • Recognize when different types of web services should be used
  • Describe the benefits of using Enterprise JavaBeans
  • Distinguish between the different types of Enterprise JavaBeans
  • Match the type of enterprise bean to scenarios that fit their application
  • Describe the key characteristics of JPA 2.0
  • Identify how to use JPA in a given scenario
  • Describe how Java EE 6 works
  • Determine which Java EE web component to use in a given scenario
  • Determine which web service to use in a given scenario
  • Determine when to use the different types of Enterprise JavaBeans
  • Describe the key tasks involved in the preparation of a Java EE 6 Environment
  • Match the component with how it will be used in a Java EE 6 application
  • Describe the creation of a basic Java EE 6 application
  • Recognize how to prepare a Java EE 6 Environment
  • Describe the characteristics of the different components of a Java EE 6 application
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