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The Android mobile platform has become extremely popular. Available on both flagship devices with high-specification hardware as well as budget handsets, it offers developers and consumers a large number of useful application program interfaces or APIs and features. In this course, you will learn to create a simple Android application and run it in an emulator. You will also learn some of the fundamentals and history of the Android platform.

Learning Objectives
  • Start the course
  • Describe the features of Android 4.0
  • Describe the features of Android 4.1
  • Describe the features of Android 4.4
  • Describe the features of Android 5.0
  • Describe the features of the current Android 6.0 beta
  • Use Android to speak the written text
  • Use Android to interpret written text from the spoken words
  • Use the location services to determine device location
  • Plot a position on Google Maps
  • Make use of ContentProviders to access data
  • Create a class to interface with the database
  • Connect the ContentProvider to the application interface
  • Handle the orientation of the device in your application
  • Save state so that your program doesn't lose data when the user rotates the device
  • Utilize the simple graphics and animations in your app
  • Configure the permissions required by your application
  • Specify the target architectures for your application
  • Make use of services
  • Use services to perform background tasks in your application
  • Work with audio in your application
  • Debug your application on Android hardware
  • Obtain your app's cryptographic signature
  • Access and use the debug log
  • Profile your application for performance metrics
  • Publish an application
  • Set up an emulator that supports Google Play Services for use in demos in this section
  • View the debug log from an application to aid in troubleshooting
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