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Windows Server 2012 R2 contains the Remote Desktop Services server role which is used to provide session-based and virtual machine-based desktop deployments. This role provides a fault-tolerant and scalable RDS deployment. VM-based desktops allow clients to connect to a full Windows desktop as either a pooled or personal virtual desktop. Session-based desktop deployments allow clients to access applications from their desktops as if they were installed locally. This course will discuss the planning and implementing of VDI environments. It will also demonstrate how to deploy session-based and VM-based virtual desktop deployments. This course is one of a series in the Skillsoft learning path that covers the objectives for the Microsoft Exam 70-694: Virtualizing Enterprise Desktops and Apps certification exam with credit toward MCP, Microsoft Specialist credentials.

Learning Objectives
  • Start the course
  • Describe Remote Desktop Services and its functionality and benefits
  • Describe the RDS architecture, including the services it provides
  • Describe virtual machine-based and session-based VDI deployment scenarios
  • Describe functions RDS provides to enhance client experiences
  • Describe the components in a typical VM-based and session-based deployment
  • Identify RDS infrastructure considerations
  • Describe the planning considerations for VM-based desktop deployment
  • Plan storage and memory capacity for VM-based desktop capacity
  • Plan networking and processing for VM-based desktop capacity
  • Identify the steps required to deploy VM-based desktops
  • Install a VM-based RDS deployment strategy by installing the required roles using the Add Roles and Features Wizard
  • Configure Active Directory settings to give RD Connection Broker appropriate permissions to join virtual desktops to the domain
  • Create a virtual desktop template to create VMs for users
  • Create a pooled virtual desktop collection to manage VM-based desktop deployments
  • Create a personal virtual desktop collection to manage VM-based desktop deployments
  • Update pooled virtual desktops after a VM template has been changed using the Recreate All Virtual Desktops Wizard
  • Configure user and client settings for the collection pool
  • Plan for the deployment of the RDS Session Host role service
  • Describe the various methods used to preserve user state on session-based desktops
  • Install a session-based RDS deployment strategy by installing the required roles using the Add Roles and Features Wizard
  • Add a licensing server to the session-based RDS deployment
  • Configure the RD Gateway and RD Web Access for a session-based RDS deployment
  • Configure certificates for a session-based RDS deployment
  • Create a session collection, including configuring the user groups and user profile disks
  • Configure additional session collection settings using the Properties dialog box
  • Plan for and deploy a virtual desktop infrastructure
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