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Companies that have the greatest chance of fending off IT security attacks are those that have employees who are armed with the knowledge of how to use a company's computers, network, and mobile devices with security in mind. In this course, you'll learn fundamental security concepts that apply to use as an end user, like the role you play in your company's overall IT security. This course also covers some of the most common IT security policies that apply to you as an end user, including policies for secure computer use, mobile device use, and general security policies if you work remotely.

Learning Objectives
  • Start the course
  • Describe what IT security is and what it includes
  • Identify the role and purpose of IT security in the corporate environment
  • Distinguish between confidentiality, integrity, and availability security objectives
  • Identify the end user's role in overall IT security
  • Describe general IT policy characteristics
  • Identify computer and hardware security policy best practices
  • Identify mobile device security policy best practices
  • Identify e-mail and Internet security policy best practices
  • Identify social networking security policy best practices
  • Identify password security policy best practices
  • Describe the specific security considerations for remote users
  • Identify remote user security policy best practices
  • Identify fundamental IT security best practices for the work environment
  • Audience

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