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In order to unlock the full potential of the new features of Microsoft Windows 10, you need to understand how to use the features as well as the configuration options available. This course provides information on how to access the features configuration menus, and how to set them up for use. This course is one of a series that provides a first look at the new Windows 10 operating system.

Learning Objectives
  • Start the course
  • Access the Settings menu in Microsoft Windows 10
  • Identify the settings options available in the Settings menu in Microsoft Windows 10
  • Use Cortana for basic voice functions in Microsoft Windows 10, including setting reminders
  • Use the Geo-location functionality from within Cortana in Microsoft Windows 10
  • Use the integration available in Microsoft Windows 10's Cortana to set up meetings and send messages
  • Use the new Edge Offline Feature
  • Create annotations to a web page you are currently browsing and sharing them with others
  • Use the Reading view feature within Edge to remove distractions from the web page
  • Set up multiple desktops to arrange and order multiple open windows in Microsoft Windows 10
  • Move between the available desktops that have been created in Microsoft Windows 10
  • Identify and use the new hotkeys available in the Microsoft Windows 10 Command Prompt
  • Identify the new items in the Options Menu of the Microsoft Windows 10 Command Prompt
  • Access, identify, and use the new options in the Layout menu of the Microsoft Windows 10 Command Prompt
  • Use Cortana and Task View and create annotations in Edge
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