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Timely Solutions to Quiet Title Problems

Quiet title actions are often essential to establish title to property and remove any clouds, but failure to take into account critical issues can leave your client courting disaster. Don't be caught unprepared. From knowing the right way to state the facts in the complaint to avoiding procedural issues that lead to challenged judgments, you need to know how to guide your clients through the process. Confidently sidestep critical issues that sink quiet title actions - register today!

  • Know when a quiet title action is the right tool for the job at hand.
  • Analyze and overcome unusual evidentiary issues in quiet title litigation.
  • Recognize and sidestep critical procedural traps in quiet title actions.

Session Time: 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM Eastern
Presented by Richard S. Alembik
  • The Right Job for the Right Tool: Is a Quiet Title Action the Proper Legal Tool for Your Case?
  • Drafting the Quiet Title Complaint: Required Homework
  • Service of Process: The Due Process Time-Bomb
  • Affirmative Evidence: Unusual Evidentiary Issues in Quiet Title Litigation
  • Procedural Traps in Quiet Title Litigation
  • Drafting and Properly Recording Final Judgments in Quiet Title Litigation
  • Appellate Issues in Quiet Title Actions

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