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Knowledgeably Advise Clients on the New Medicaid Changes

Do you have the most current information relating to the impact of the new Medicaid changes? Are you confident in your ability to advise your clients due to these changes? Join us at this seminar to not just learn what changes have been made, but also gain insight into how the changes will affect your clients. Get yourself up to speed - enroll today!

  • Gain valuable insight into Medicare Part A through D so you can help clients ensure that hospital services, medications and medical visits are covered.
  • Help clients make smart financial planning decisions with a solid understanding of the new framework.
  • Avoid precedence conflicts by analyzing the new federal reforms versus your state's Medicaid policies.
  • Review the possible financial outcomes and get tips for helping with planning decisions in light of the Medicaid changes.
  • Guide clients through the Medicaid qualification process by knowing what's involved.
  • Translate the recent Medicaid reforms into the day-to-day practice skills you'll need to advise your clients.
  • Understand limitations on Medicare, long-term insurance and HMO coverage so your clients can plan for uncovered expenses.

  1. Qualifying Clients for Medicaid Benefits
    9:00 - 10:00, John R. Bennett III
  2. Planning Tips and Traps
    10:00 - 11:15, John R. Bennett III
    1. Asset Transfers
    2. Income-First Rule
    3. Primary Residence, the Valuable House Rule and Income Producing Property
    4. Vehicles
    5. Personal Services Contracts
    6. Gifting, Promissory Notes, and Loans
    7. Life Estates
    8. Continuing Care Community Fees
    9. Strategies for Married Couples
    10. Annuities
    11. Pooled Special Needs Trusts
  3. The Medicaid Application and Appeals Process
    11:30 - 12:30, Brett A. Thompson
    1. When and How to File
    2. What to Include
    3. Correcting Faulty Information Submitted in the Application
    4. How to Keep Track of Progress
    5. When Eligibility Begins
    6. Administrative Appeals Process
    7. Supporting Documentation
    8. Medicaid Hearing Practice
  4. Understanding Medicare Parts A Through D, Veterans' Benefits and the Impact on Medicaid Benefits
    1:30 - 2:30, Tovah Mitchell
    1. Who is Covered
    2. Coverage Benefits Outlined
    3. Medigap Policies: Coverage, Joining, Switching and Dropping
    4. Late Enrollment Penalty
    5. Help for Low Income Individuals
    6. VA Benefits Coverage and Application Procedure
    7. Coordinating Benefits
  5. Limitations on Medicare, Long-Term Insurance and HMO Coverage
    2:45 - 3:30, Elizabeth Hobson
    1. Medicare Appeals Process
    2. Long-Term Care Insurance
      1. Coverage
      2. Coordination with Medicaid Benefits
      3. Health Care Reform and Long Term Care
    3. HMO/Medicare Advantage Plans
      1. Cost Control vs. Coverage
      2. Denial of Services
      3. In-Network Requirements
  6. Medicaid Estate Recovery
    3:30 - 4:30, Andrew Olsen
    1. Definition of "Estate" for Purposes of Medicaid Recovery
    2. What Types of Expenses and What Amount can be Recovered?
    3. TEFRA "Pre-Death" Liens
    4. Exceptions to Post-Death Liens
    5. The Process and Procedure of Recovery
    6. Survivors' Claim for Exemption Based on Hardship
    7. Priority of Medicaid Liens in Estate Administration

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