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Managing Access and Storage

Auditing and monitoring

  • Tracking user activity and usage with CloudTrail
  • Controlling access with IAM roles
  • Monitoring RDS databases with RDS enhanced monitoring

Managing data stored in the cloud

  • Automatically change data storage class and archive data with S3 Lifecycle
  • Mounting EFS volumes to multiple instances across availability zones

Simplifying Your Infrastructure

Deploying resources with CloudFormation

  • Creating CloudFormation templates to define a collection of AWS resources
  • Streamlining deployment of resources and any associated dependencies

Executing custom actions based on events

  • Detecting configuration changes and verifying compliance with AWS Config
  • Invoking code with AWS Lambda
  • Implementing scheduled or 'cron' jobs with AWS Lamdba
  • Reducing required resources and monthly costs

Leveraging AWS for Big Data Processing and Analysis

Deploying Hadoop and Spark clusters on AWS EMR

  • Creating a Spark Cluster and executing a PySpark application
  • Configuring bootstrap actions to initialize an EMR cluster
  • Running Jupyter Notebooks on an EMR cluster

Analyzing large data sets without deploying clusters

  • Querying data in S3 with Athena
  • Using standard SQL to analyze CSV and JSON data

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