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In this course, you will learn how the Cisco Information Server fits into your environment and the types of administration tasks typically required by the product.

  • Cisco Information Server Overview
  • Deploy the Cisco Information Server
  • Use and maintain the Cisco Information Server

  • A general understanding of databases
  • An understanding of SQL concepts with the ability to develop in SQL
  • Basic Windows skills
  • An understanding of Web Services


Data administrators

1. Introduction to Cisco Information Server

  • Product Overview
  • Installing Cisco Information Server
  • Studio

2. Operation

  • Using Manager
  • Basic Security
  • Configuring LDAP
  • Cisco Information Server Monitoring
  • Active Cluster
  • Backup and Deployment
  • Monitor
  • Administration Tools

3. Business Directory

  • Business Directory Overview
  • Business Directory Installation
  • Business Directory Administration
  • Using Business Directory

4. Platform Experience

  • Basic Troubleshooting
  • Connectors

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