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Every project comes with its own unique challenges. There is valuable learning that takes place as project team members solve problems and persevere through challenges to meet their objectives. Preserving and passing on all that new knowledge and wisdom is what the concept of 'lessons learned' is all about. Effective project managers take lessons from current projects forward into planning and executing future projects, thereby enabling continuous improvement. Collecting and using lessons learned results in fewer mistakes, lower costs, more accurate estimates, and many other efficiencies. In this course, you'll learn about the basic steps involved in collecting, analyzing, and passing on lessons learned so that organizations are able to grow and experience superior performance.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify characteristics of lessons learned
  • Distinguish between different types of knowledge
  • Sequence the steps for conducting lessons learned
  • Identify sources of lessons learned
  • Recognize best practices for conducting a lessons learned meeting
  • Select tools and methods for analyzing lessons learned information
  • Recognize activities that lead to successful lessons learned implementation
  • Recognize issues that should be included in a lessons learned report
  • Recognize how best practices and benchmarking support continuous improvement
  • Demonstrate your understanding of lessons learned
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