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Anyone who has worked in a project or team environment will tell you that team dynamics make a huge difference in the working environment. Developing effective project teams is one of the primary responsibilities of a team leader. In this course, you'll learn how to develop the team culture early on by establishing team member competencies and working to improve team dynamics. You'll also learn about methods used to encourage team participation and motivation and increase team members' commitment. Finally, you'll learn about the importance of assessing and improving team performance.

Learning Objectives
  • Sequence the steps used to perform a training gap analysis
  • Recall factors that directly influence team dynamics
  • Match indicators of poor team dynamics with team-building activities that could be used to correct them
  • Match strategies that encourage team participation with examples
  • Recognize the effective use of rewards and recognition
  • Recognize strategies for gaining commitment from team members in a given scenario
  • Recall the steps in the GROW method for improving team performance
  • Use strategies for improving a team's dynamics, strength, and performance
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