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Sending an e-mail to the wrong person, or excluding the right person, hinders effective communication. This course focuses on how to address and distribute e-mails. Specifically, you will be introduced to best practices for deciding who to send e-mails to and how to flag e-mails appropriately. The course also covers proper etiquette for forwarding e-mails and using reply and reply all. In addition, it highlights some poor copying practices to avoid.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify tips for using the To field when sending e-mail
  • Use the Cc and Bcc fields appropriately in an e-mail
  • Set the priority status of e-mails appropriately
  • Recognize how to reply effectively to e-mails
  • Identify best practices for forwarding e-mail
  • Recognize examples of when it's inappropriate to copy an e-mail over someone's head
  • Recognize how to address and distribute e-mails appropriately
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