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E-mail has dramatically increased the volume of communication and the amount of information that the average office worker needs to process every day. To keep up, you must sort, file, respond to, or delete every e-mail that comes to you during a business day. This course introduces techniques for managing e-mail effectively. It covers tips on how to use folders and filters to organize e-mails for increased efficiency, as well as guidelines on what e-mails to delete. The course also gives direction on how to recover important information should you lose an e-mail.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize how to manage time by organizing business e-mails
  • Identify approaches to personal e-mail that can save time
  • Determine whether to keep or delete an e-mail
  • Recognize how to use the e-mail folder structure effectively
  • Use filters effectively to organize e-mail
  • Identify techniques to use to find e-mail information
  • Use strategies to manage e-mail effectively
  • Audience

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