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The way in which a team is built is an important factor in determining team success. Leading a team quickly and smoothly into high performance mode requires the groundwork of pulling the right team together, setting team goals, and defining the standards of team behavior. In this course, you'll learn about the five stages of team development and strategies for selecting high-performing team members most suited for your project or team. You'll also learn about laying the foundation for a successful team, including setting team goals, assigning roles to individual team members, and defining specific guidelines that outline how team members should behave to minimize conflict and optimize team performance.

Learning Objectives
  • List the stages of team development
  • Match personal qualities that team members should have with indicators of their presence
  • Recognize the rewards derived from a collaborative approach to establishing team goals
  • Sequence the steps that a given team should take to establish team goals
  • Sequence examples of the steps for assigning team members to appropriate roles
  • Recognize examples of effectively written guidelines for team conduct
  • Identify examples of each category of team conduct guidelines
  • Recognize strategies for forming a team and establishing its goals, roles, and guidelines
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