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One of the most effective ways to increase the profitability of any organization is to eliminate waste. Identifying and eliminating the seven types of wastes, or muda, is one of the core principles of Lean Manufacturing. In this course, you'll define what waste is, discover where it exists, and what causes it. You will examine various aspects of muda, continuous flow, line balancing and the concept of value and non-value-add. Additionally, you'll discover practical and simple Lean tools and strategies for dealing with each type of waste to improve overall company performance and quality.

Learning Objectives
  • Classify production activities as value-add, non-value-add, or necessary non-value-add
  • Identify strategies for eliminating waste caused by overproduction and inventory
  • Identify strategies for eliminating motion, waiting, and transportation waste
  • Identify elimination strategies for waste caused by overprocessing and defects
  • Match cycle time and takt time to their descriptions
  • Identify the final three steps for balancing a production line
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