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The Oracle WebLogic Server platform has specific features for multi tenancy cloud applications, including resource groups and virtual targets. This course covers setting up an application on the WebLogic Application Server. It goes on to configure the application and platform for multi tenancy.

Learning Objectives
  • Start the course
  • Install Oracle WebLogic Application Server and Coherence Software
  • Install Oracle WebLogic Server and Coherence for WebLogic Server MT
  • Install Oracle Traffic Director
  • Create and configure a WebLogic domain
  • Start and stop an Administration Server in a WebLogic domain
  • Deploy the Avitech Medical Records sample application to a development single-server WebLogic domain
  • Set up an Oracle WebLogic Server cluster
  • Start and stop an Oracle WebLogic Server cluster
  • Deploy the Avitech Medical Records sample application to a WebLogic cluster
  • Enable Lifecycle Manager on a WebLogic Server domain
  • Use WLST lifecycle commands in a WebLogic Server domain
  • Create a resource group template in WebLogic
  • Create a domain partition in WebLogic
  • Start and shut down a domain partition in WebLogic
  • Create a virtual target in WebLogic
  • Configure the administrative identity domain in a WebLogic domain
  • Create and configure a security realm for a WebLogic domain partition
  • Test a domain partition in WebLogic
  • Monitor and debug partitions in WebLogic
  • Configure a coherence cluster in a WebLogic Server domain
  • Configure resource overrides in WebLogic
  • Configure resource consumption management in WebLogic
  • Configure Partition Work Managers in WebLogic
  • Deploy a sample application to a Resource Group Template and Resource Group in WebLogic
  • Configure an application for multi tenancy
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