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This course begins with a G Suite overview, and is followed by various user configurations that are the responsibility of the G Suite administrator. Administrative task delegation will be demonstrated, in addition to the creation of custom roles.

Learning Objectives
  • Start the course
  • List G Suite components
  • Describe G Suite sign-up requirements
  • Create a G Suite account in the cloud.
  • Describe the purpose of a G Suite user account
  • Discuss how G Suite users are created
  • Create G Suite users manually
  • Import G Suite users from a CSV file
  • Use e-mail to invite users to G Suite
  • Recognize how to rename and move G Suite users
  • List G Suite user settings
  • Modify G Suite user settings
  • Recognize when G Suite user accounts should be suspended or removed
  • Suspend and delete G Suite user accounts
  • Recover a deleted G Suite user account
  • Describe G Suite user password settings
  • Manage G Suite user password settings
  • Describe how administrative role delegation works
  • Assign an existing role
  • Create a custom role and delegate it for administrative access
  • Describe and configure G Suite user accounts
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